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A Raw Transformation

I lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks from switching to a mostly raw food lifestyle. I say “mostly” because not every single thing I ate was raw, but about 90 percent was. My Raw Yoda, Jon-Michael Kerestes of Love Street Living Foods worked with me via long distance food diary. What does that mean? It means I emailed him every single morning listing every single thing I ate or drank the day before. I also listed any workouts I did. Jon-Michael would reply with helpful tips, suggestions, advice, changes as well as new things for me to try. It takes

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Raw Christmas

Hope Everyone Enjoys A Happy Healthy Holiday!

Yummy RAW Holiday Recipes!

Want to create healthier versions of your holiday favorites? Here are some raw recipes I’ve found while searching the internet. These are pretty simple and don’t require a lot of time to make. Enjoy! For anyone looking for healthier alternatives to traditional holiday meals, here are some recipes I came across while searching on the internet. Don’t forget to add a giant salad, raw veggies / wraps, or even lightly steamed veggie side dishes to these holiday favorites below. CRANBERRY SAUCE * 2 C fresh cranberries* 1 orange* 1 apple* 1 C dates* water for consistency Process cranberries, orange, apple

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Raw Holiday Recipes

For anyone looking for healthier alternatives to traditional holiday meals, here are some recipes I came across while searching on the internet. Enjoy! CRANBERRY SAUCE * 2 C fresh cranberries * 1 orange * 1 apple * 1 C dates * water for consistency Process cranberries, orange, apple and dates in a blender and serve. MASHED “POTATOES” 1 c chopped cauliflower 1/2 c cashews, soaked 1/4 c water 1/4 c chopped chives, reserve 1 teaspoon for garnish 1/2 garlic clove, minced Juice of one half lemon 1 T sea salt Place cashews and cauliflower in a blender, add lemon juice

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Finding a Balance

Food, for me, has always been an issue. I try to think back to when it wasn’t…and honestly I can’t recall a time where I wasn’t afraid of food. Until now…the present moment. Afraid of food? That sounds so silly! Maybe to some, but for me it was a fear of gaining weight. Gaining weight seemed like the most awful thing in the world to me. I didn’t come up with that notion on my own. As children, we learn everything from those around us. I’m not pointing fingers at any one thing in particular, but I grew up and

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Raw Holidays

The Holidays are approaching fast… you know…that 45 day window of time between Thanksgiving and New Years when it seems like the world is…EATING. EVERYTHING. So many holidays revolve around food. Holiday parties, holiday dinners, holiday happy hours, corporate functions, holiday gifts, holiday get togethers, holiday brunches…you get the idea. Certain foods are associated with certain holidays. We have warm toasty memories full of Christmas cookies and pumpkin pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese and wine… the list could go on and on. So for those of us who make an effort to be healthy year round, how do we

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Beans Beans They’re Good For….

Nothing. Good for NOTHING I tell you. I didn’t want to believe the no bean eating hype that all the raw foodies talk about. I didn’t want to listen. Why? Because I love hummus. I love hummus like Greek people love togas. Like bees love flowers. Like…well. You get the idea. So tonight I had some garbanzo beans. Organic. Raw. And it feels like there is an alien in my stomach kicking me. Who knows…there very well could be an alien in my stomach kicking me, but if logic serves me right, I’m gonna say it was the beans. Those

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Video Diary

I am shooting my video diary on Saturday afternoon. I’m nervous about it…which is why I keep putting it off. For someone who models and was a film major in college you would think I might love being in front of a camera. While I AM comfortable….I’m highly critical of myself. Too critical. We are all overly critical of ourselves usually, but for me it’s really to a fault. To the point where my family members say things like “what are you talking about…have you even looked in a mirror lately?” This comes from a lifetime of trying to model

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