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I Don’t Smell

It’s true. I don’t smell…anymore. Well, not that I was “smelly” before, but everyone wears deodorant right? RIGHT? No. NOT right. Not everyone wears deodorant. Smelly Europeans do not. But alas, neither do I! Not anymore! Since going raw, I haven’t worn deodorant. It’s a good way to gauge the toxins in your body. The less toxins you have, the less you “smell”. I am proud to say that I haven’t worn deodorant in ummmm 8 days… Anddddddd…I don’t smell. I’m serious, I’m sniffing my arm pit right now, and nothing! Nada. Zilch. I guess when you eat amazing raw

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The Spiralizer!

Check THIS out! It’s called the Spirooli Spiralizer! I can make any veggie into pasta like noodles! Just add homemade fresh marinara and serve! OR, use this to slice up any veggie for an easier way to roll veggies into a wrap! I ordered mine from or just google Spirooli and it should come up!

Week 2

It’s the Monday of Week 2 and I am pretty darn excited. I feel awesome…actually, I feel rawsome! That could have something to do with the fact that I’m eating live food, which still has it’s energy in tact. I’m also super ridonculously giddy at the FACT that I lost 7.5 pounds in a week. In a WEEK! Who does that? Not me, ever. But now I do apparently. So I’m pretty stoked to see what the scale says when I hop on again Sunday morning. The fact that I can basically eat whatever I want by doing the raw

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West Chester Growers Market

I went to the market this morning and discovered that only ONE farm at the entire growers market is Organic. Just one. Just one little tent. I couldn’t believe it. It made me sad. So of course, that is where I got all of my fantastic produce, which included: basil, tomatoes, spicy salad mix (it has mustard greens in it- totally awesome by the way), radishes, peppers, etc. The farm is called Red Earth Farms. I looked them up when I got home, and found they are a 13 acre farm just about 2 hours from me and they offer

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A Rawsome Friday

I feel fantastic today! When I woke up this morning my body felt exhausted from the workout I did last night, but I made a smoothie with just some berries, maca, nut butter and water and the exhaustion just went away! I love the energy I feel from maca…it’s not that shaky jittery energy that you get from coffee which is then followed by a crash and a desire for more coffee…maca is just like a lift…. I feel more alert and have absolutely zero jitters or anything. It’s awesome! Why there aren’t Maca cafes I have no idea…. My

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Maca – Goji – Camu Camu

Maca, Goji, Camu Camu…what are they? Sometimes it’s enough to make your head spin. I’ve seen those words in raw un-cookbooks and listed on the internet in recipes, and Raw Yoda has put them on my list of things to incorporate into my foods… but what are they? I’m used to seeing recipes that say to add sugar and flour and salt, not Maca, Goji Berries, and Camu Camu. I can see how anyone new to the raw food lifestyle or anyone trying to make the transition would get frustrated and feel overwhelmed…I am basically being re-educated. Which I ADORE!

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Orgasmic Olives!

Yes…I used the “O” word. I am an olive fan. Let’s just say I send olives enough fan letters that their fan club president is getting mildly annoyed. Raw Yoda recommended a few things for me from his fabulous store (check the banner to the left of my blog) and one of them was Black Botija Olives (sundried-pitted) Raw Organic. So I’m thinking to myself cool! Raw olives! I’ve bought raw olives before in jars, but I’ve never had a bag of sundried raw olives. What would sundried olives taste like? Would they be dry like sundried tomatoes? I had

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Day Four

I woke up this morning feeling lighter. Lighter and energetic and…kind of amazing! It’s the morning of day four on my raw adventure and I think I might have gotten over the hump! I’m not craving anything I used to eat. I’m actually thinking about raw zucchini “noodles” with marinara sauce…at 8:53 am. I think that’s what I’ll be having for lunch. For breakfast this morning I made a smoothie. Now, I’ve made smoothies in the past and I’ve been hungry an hour later. This smoothie was incredibly awesome and it’s 3 hours later and I still feel satisfied. I

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