Day Four

I woke up this morning feeling lighter. Lighter and energetic and…kind of amazing! It’s the morning of day four on my raw adventure and I think I might have gotten over the hump! I’m not craving anything I used to eat. I’m actually thinking about raw zucchini “noodles” with marinara sauce…at 8:53 am. I think that’s what I’ll be having for lunch.

For breakfast this morning I made a smoothie. Now, I’ve made smoothies in the past and I’ve been hungry an hour later. This smoothie was incredibly awesome and it’s 3 hours later and I still feel satisfied. I don’t want to use the word “full” because I, and probably most people, associate full with the “I’m stuffed” feeling that people get after eating too much. I’m noticing that raw food makes you feel “satisfied”…. Meaning, I’m not hungry for more, but I don’t feel stuffed either. I don’t need to roll over and take a nap after eating too much. I could probably go jogging….In fact, I’m noticing that it is pretty hard to “eat too much” raw food.

What was in this fabulous smoothie? 1 apple, 1 peach (both organic), 1 tablespoon of maca powder, half a teaspoon of raw coconut butter, one raw date (for added sweetness) and about 8 ounces of water. That ended up filling half of my blender with smoothie goodness.

This is also day 4 of no coffee, and I finally feel wide awake and alert! I’m getting more and more excited about how I am going to feel tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, because it just keeps getting better.

The first three days were hard… I noticed a lot of moments where I was craving candy or greasy food, or sugar, and I would ask myself if I was really hungry for it, or if it was my mind that was telling me that I wanted it. Every single time, it was my mind.

I’ve been eating organic strawberries and raspberries to satisfy any sugar cravings and raw dates do the trick too! It’s actually amazing to me how sweet fruit is beginning to taste…just by itself.

I’m feeling super happy today, and it’s not because it’s a good hair day, and it’s not because I put together a pretty cute outfit for work. It’s because I feel amazing on the inside…..and that is making me smile on the outside.


Lovely comments!

  1. I love this! Not only because it’s encouraging to me to know that after a few days of my detox time, i will feel great but also because it’s always nice to hear a dear friend working so hard to feel great! it makes me smile. Keep it up!!

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