Orgasmic Olives!

Yes…I used the “O” word.

I am an olive fan. Let’s just say I send olives enough fan letters that their fan club president is getting mildly annoyed.

Raw Yoda recommended a few things for me from his fabulous store (check the banner to the left of my blog) and one of them was Black Botija Olives (sundried-pitted) Raw Organic. So I’m thinking to myself cool! Raw olives! I’ve bought raw olives before in jars, but I’ve never had a bag of sundried raw olives. What would sundried olives taste like? Would they be dry like sundried tomatoes? I had no idea when I placed the order, but I trust Raw Yoda.

Let me tell you, Raw Yoda does NOT disappoint! Upon opening my bag of amazing raw olives, I was captured in the fragrant aroma…daydreaming of Greece and giant olives and people in togas… but I digress.

I popped one into my mouth….this olive EXPLODED! It is so juicy I couldn’t even believe it! Juicy and fun to eat! I had to have a second one just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Same thing! Orgasmic olive explosion! Funny thing is, in the past, I could eat an entire jar of regular store bought olives. But these olives are so brilliant and juicy and fragrant and amazing that TWO, yes, let me repeat that, TWO OLIVES was enough to satisfy me. I probably could have been satisfied with just one if I wasn’t so curious about the epic level of juiciness!

They should be called OMG Olives! Or Orgasmic Olives! Or OOOOOOOOOOO OLIVE!

Check them out at Raw Yoda’s shop (Love Street Living Foods)! You’ll be glad you did!

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