I Have a Raw Yoda

Not only does he seem to have answers to every question, but he asks me questions that totally screw up my day. Such as “curious as to why you chose to eat that?”

Good Question Yoda. Why did I choose to eat that? Because clearly I wasn’t thinking (or paying attention to the label) and because it’s yummy. But it’s NOT yummy. It’s gross. Processed food is gross. It really is. The moment I make myself read all of the ingredients, that is if I can even pronounce half of them, I instantly lose all desire to eat it anymore.

I did learn one super important thing so far, and that is my water intake. Apparently I’ve been dehydrated my entire life…because I’m supposed to be drinking half my body weight in water.

Let’s just say there have been days in the past where I maybe drank 20 oz in a whole day of water. (don’t be mad, Raw Yoda)

So now, I’m drinking water like it’s my JOB. Because, guess what, it IS my job.

Another thing I have noticed, is that I need to be broken of the “packaged food” mentality. Let me explain.

Raw food is supposed to be (at it’s best) raw, organic, locally grown, so that it doesn’t have to travel far from the source of the food to your plate. It should be fresh lovely leafy greens and veggies and fruit.

It should not consist of buying a bunch of “raw food” that has been prepackaged. There are super foods, and nut butters, and all of that which come in bags and jars. But I am trying to avoid eating a bunch of raw cereals and raw trail mixes and raw bars and make sure that I try my best to add as much fresh greens to my diet. It’s easy to want to go for the food that reminds you of what you used to eat all the time, but what I used to lean towards in the past (carbs, sugar) are not the best options, even raw versions of them.
Raw Yoda keeps me on track. Having to write down every single thing that I eat and drink and email it to him everyday makes a huge difference. It makes me pause and think before I put something in my mouth. It makes me put more time into it…into creating healthy meals, planning a head of time.
The raw food lifestyle isn’t a last minute lifestyle. You make foods fresh and they only last in the refrigerator a few days at a time. You need to plan ahead just a bit. But this is how we were all supposed to eat. Planning ahead. Creating healthy meals. Not driving through places and grabbing food from someone at a window.
This lifestyle will change your life. It’s not always easy in the beginning but, Raw Yoda reminded me, sometimes you have to do things that are hard, and you don’t see anyone else doing them, but when you look back you’ll see it was all worth it…and that you just had to do it.
The raw food lifestyle, in my opinion, is worth it. I am a firm believer that what we put into our bodies affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. If taking the time to prepare fresh organic meals (which are delicious by the way) means that I don’t have to visit the doctor as often and that I get to be in great health AND feel amazing on top of it….then those extra few minutes spent preparing food is worth it. Those extra dollars spent on organic raw produce will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars on medical bills in the long run. Making smart decisions about what we put in our mouths is a great preventative medicine. Think of food as medicine! Think of it as having power to make you feel great.
I am so lucky to have help making this transition. My Raw Yoda is awesome! If you are interested in working with him, check out his website at lovestreetlivingfoods.com Send him an email or give him a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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