A Rawsome Friday

I feel fantastic today! When I woke up this morning my body felt exhausted from the workout I did last night, but I made a smoothie with just some berries, maca, nut butter and water and the exhaustion just went away! I love the energy I feel from maca…it’s not that shaky jittery energy that you get from coffee which is then followed by a crash and a desire for more coffee…maca is just like a lift…. I feel more alert and have absolutely zero jitters or anything. It’s awesome! Why there aren’t Maca cafes I have no idea….

My cravings for carbs and sugar are lessening…I actually found myself craving a giant salad today…..so I bought lots of organic produce from the local grocery store and made one! Tomorrow I’m going to West Chester Growers Market that is open from 9am to 1pm every Saturday, basically a local farmers market. I am going to take my Mom there and check it out. I am sure prices will be much lower than what they were at the grocery store. I cannot WAIT to have my own garden someday!!!! It would be soooo nice to just walk outside and pick your own dinner off the vine.

I found this rawsome little health foods store in West Chester, PA called The Great Pumpkin Market…they had tons and tons of items…but I picked up organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, the manna bread I was searching for, 2 new organic teas and they also carry Aubrey-Organics which is the new skin care brand I am trying out. I just received my Aubrey shipment today of face cleanser, toner, moisturizer, bar soap, and makeup remover. I picked up a lip tint from Aubrey at Great Pumpkin because I didn’t order one with my online order.

Aubrey-Organics “natural lip sheer tint” is AMAZING! It doesn’t feel sticky like so many other ones, and the color is really sheer and pretty, it blends so well with your natural lip color. I couldn’t stop rubbing my lips together (for at least an hour) after I put it on. They just felt sooo smooth. Love it!


I’ll let you know how the rest of the products turn out, but I am glad to be making the switch to bath and body products that are organic and natural….because what is the point of eating well if we are going to cover ourselves in chemicals? I will make a full switch to all organic natural makeup (as money allows) but I think I am off to a good start!


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