Week 2

It’s the Monday of Week 2 and I am pretty darn excited. I feel awesome…actually, I feel rawsome! That could have something to do with the fact that I’m eating live food, which still has it’s energy in tact.

I’m also super ridonculously giddy at the FACT that I lost 7.5 pounds in a week. In a WEEK! Who does that? Not me, ever. But now I do apparently. So I’m pretty stoked to see what the scale says when I hop on again Sunday morning. The fact that I can basically eat whatever I want by doing the raw food lifestyle means I’m never walking around hungry and I never feel stuffed either. It’s super cool.

One thing I must address is the one question that is driving me batty…that EVERYONE keeps asking me when I tell them I’ve decided to be a raw food vegan and follow the raw food lifestyle.

That question being “sooooo…..what do you eat?”

Really? Really people? What do I eat? I eat what all of you are supposed to be eating!

Basically the fruit and veggie perimeter of your grocery store – that’s my home. I can eat veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, nutbutters, chocolate….all raw and organic. You can make a million “recipes” out of veggies. You can make veggie lasagna, raw pizza, veggie pasta… You can make veggie wraps, sushi, soups, salsas, sauces….and then easily with fruits, nuts and agave you can make all sorts of raw desserts. I’m going to make a raw apple pie for thanksgiving! You can make chocolate mousse cake raw….. you can pretty much make ANYTHING that you would make with cooked food, or meat and dairy, into a raw version (that’s a BAZILLION times healthier for you)

Nuts are put into the food processor and that is used as a “cheese”- you are skeptical, I know, but it will really honestly taste like CHEESE! It’s pretty remarkable.

You just have to read and learn. Of course eating a salad every day would be boring.

Last week I had an amazing veggie wrap with cashew ranch dressing (raw), I had veggie “pasta” which was zucchini (made into noodles) with marinara sauce and a brazil nut Parmesan sauce. I made tomato soup out of all fresh organic ingredients! And it all tastes amazing!

So am I hooked? Yeah, you could say that. I didn’t think I would get to this point honestly, but I’m getting to that “I feel really amazing everyday” point and I don’t want to lose that.

And I’m eating yummy food and I am losing weight!

A pretty awesome thing if you ask me.

The coolest un-cookbook that got me started and is FULL of fun raw recipes that are super easy to make is Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen..check it out! You just might like it 🙂


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