West Chester Growers Market

I went to the market this morning and discovered that only ONE farm at the entire growers market is Organic. Just one. Just one little tent. I couldn’t believe it. It made me sad. So of course, that is where I got all of my fantastic produce, which included: basil, tomatoes, spicy salad mix (it has mustard greens in it- totally awesome by the way), radishes, peppers, etc.

The farm is called Red Earth Farms. I looked them up when I got home, and found they are a 13 acre farm just about 2 hours from me and they offer memberships, where you sign up and they deliver produce to you once a week from June to November! They are full for 2009 but I am thinking about signing up for 2010. I plan on taking a trip up there in the coming weeks to check it out in person. Here is their website: http://www.redearthfarm.org/index.html

I attempted to make a marinara sauce when I returned from the market, and I made the rookie mistake of adding what I thought was one not-too-hot, hot pepper, to the sauce, and well… now I have spicy tomato soup instead. I had to eat a piece of manna bread to put the fire out in my mouth after trying the sauce. That was fun 😀

Some photos of what I picked up:

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