Easy Raw Wraps

I love veggie wraps. I would eat veggie wraps every single day, but sometimes it’s just too time consuming to chop up fresh veggies every day to make into a wrap. Raw Yoda gave me a fabulous veggie wrap idea which makes perfect sense and is super easy to do. ***Just make a giant salad, and then use your salad as your wrap filling!***

So tonight, I made a giant salad tonight with everything that I would want in my veggie wrap. I chopped up romaine hearts, asparagus, tomato, mushrooms and celery. I put some zucchini and yellow squash through the Spiralizer. I took a giant collard green leaf, and filled it up, rolled it up, and then sliced it down the middle. If you don’t like collard greens, you can always use nori wraps, or even lettuce. I love collard greens because they are so sturdy and don’t fall apart. I put it in a container so I can take it to work tomorrow for lunch. This giant salad should last me for the next few days, so now I can have wraps everyday, without all the work!

I can also take my raw dressings or organic olive oil to work in a separate container, and add it to the wrap when I am ready to eat it! The wraps can always be changed up with different ingredients, adding avocado, sesame seeds, sprouts, cucumbers… etc etc.

Easy and Yummy! Enjoy!

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