For the love of Chocolate

I’m into week 4 and I think my tastebuds are changing. Fruit is starting to taste so sweet to me…to the point that if I have cravings for sugar (which in the past would have been satisfied with skittles, swedish fish, you get the idea) I can now satisfy that craving with fruit. I had an organic apple this morning that tasted like sugar to me. Like someone had injected sugar into the inside of the apple. That’s how sweet it tasted. Crazy!

Of course, the chocolate craving can only be cured with one thing…CHOCOLATE. In the past I had tried to ignore that craving and eat something else that I deemed “not as bad for you” like cereal…or candy…but ultimately I would end up eating the chocolate anyway, because that’s what I was craving in the first place. So then not only had I eaten the chocolate, but I had eaten the chocolate, plus all the other things I deemed “not as bad as chocolate” which really defeated the purpose.

Raw Yoda told me that it is important not to ignore cravings. So now, if I want chocolate, I have chocolate! The only difference is that I have organic, raw, vegan chocolate. My favorite, is the chocolate from Love Street Living Foods. This is what makes their chocolate so amazing (excerpt taken from :

Our 100% Raw, Organic, Vegan Chocolate Spread retains more of it’s natural ingredients vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and nutritional benefits because it was never heated above 115° F. It contains no processed sugars, only 100% natural, low-glycemic load agave nectar. Every ingredient we include is an organic superfood, held to the highest quality standards and hand selected by our company. Our Chocolate Spread is 100% Vegan, which means it contains absolutely NO milk or dairy ingredients or animal byproducts of any kind. Each batch is handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so we can maintain the highest quality product for our customers.

Just half a teaspoon of this amazing chocolate spread knocks my chocolate craving out of the park. Gone! And it’s chocolate that is GOOD FOR YOU! I’m going to use their chocolate to make candied apples for halloween! Just imagine delicious organic apples covered in organic gourmet chocolate and rolled in raw nuts! 🙂 I’ll post photos once I have them made, but in the meantime, get yourself a jar, or a bar, or two, of this amazing chocolate. You’ll be so glad you did!

A side note – you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy this chocolate. You could eat 10 cheeseburgers a day…it really doesn’t matter. But, amazing chocolate is just that, AMAZING CHOCOLATE. You don’t have to believe me. Try it for yourself! Check it out at the link below!

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