Month One Reflections

My rings don’t fit. They’ve fallen off my fingers. My pants are falling off of me. I’m not kidding. If I don’t wash them and throw them in the dryer every day to try and shrink them, they won’t stay on. My co-workers could “pants” me if they wanted to, but luckily for me, I’m pretty sure that violates several Human Resource codes.

Eventually I will get around to buying new clothes, but honestly at this point I’d just rather spend my money on organic produce…like piles of avocados and zucchini…because I love it! I’m going to try to go another month without buying any new clothes, because I know I’m just going to keep shrinking!

Raw Yoda has been instrumental in getting me to this point. Without having him there to send my food diary to and workout diary to everyday, I would slack off. I know myself all too well. After trying every “diet” in the world (which of course all fail, because we need a lifestyle change…not a diet), I was fortunate enough to find Raw Yoda. Someone who is obviously far more patient than I am (I would have given up on me 3 weeks ago), and far more disciplined than I am.

He’s basically got what I’ve been missing. You know those images they show of a person with an angel on their shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder…one dishing out good, positive thoughts, and the other dishing out your temptations? When you work with Raw Yoda, it’s like having an angel on each shoulder. That tempting devil doesn’t really poke it’s head around, and if it does, you just speak up about it, and Raw Yoda will give you ten good reasons not to listen to it.

He’s the discipline I was missing all these years. He’s a huge source of information and encouragement, patience and motivation. He’s there for me every single day.

I said to my Mom last night…”you know, Raw Yoda has seen the worst of me. He’s seen the worst side of me off and on for a month straight (everytime I’m upset and stubborn and want to give up), and he still seems to want to help me, and he always sounds like he believes in me…I’m actually starting to believe I can do this because he always sounds so sure that I can.”

You know how on the show The Biggest Loser, the contestants really bond with Bob or Jillian and they have that constant attention and source of motivation and that solid rock who will always tell them to keep going… that’s exactly what Raw Yoda does.

You can do a long distance food diary and workout diary with him, or you can work out with him in person and have one on one training sessions.

If I don’t know how to do an exercise, Raw Yoda will do it for me and film it, and then upload it to YouTube so that I can watch it and see how to do it. How awesome is THAT?!

He’s so awesome. I wouldn’t have gotten through these past 4 weeks without him.

My clothes wouldn’t be falling off of me. My rings wouldn’t be falling off my fingers. I wouldn’t be stepping out of my heels because my feet got smaller (not even kidding). I wouldn’t have super soft hair and glowing skin, and last night when I was getting in the shower, I wouldn’t have checked out my ass in the mirror and done a double take, while thinking…damn…is that mine? It’s looking good!!!!!!!

None of that would be happening if I hadn’t made that decision to just ask Raw Yoda to help me and work with me and train me. None of it. My life is changing in front of me…every single day. It’s not easy, and I’ve put him through the ringer on certain days, and some days have been much harder than others. But the amazing days far out weigh the bad days, and the bad days where I think I can’t do this, are finally starting to fade into the distance. I love how I feel every day, I love my energy levels, I love how I look, I love how much happiness I have – in ABUNDANCE and how positive I feel all the time. What we put in our bodies does affect everything…and how active we are does have a huge impact on our lives. I’m just so blessed and feel so thankful and have so much gratitude that I have someone like Raw Yoda working with me.

If you want to contact Raw Yoda to work with you on anything, email him here:

I will be making a video diary this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

Hugs and Veggies

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  1. I’m very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!

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