Week 3

I am approaching the end of week 3. Three weeks of being a raw food vegan. It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve had moments where I thought, “can I really do this?” to “I just want to order a pizza like the rest of the world” And then my good friend Jodi would text me back and say NO YOU DON’T! haha …But I don’t even eat pizza. Cheese in piles never really agreed with me to begin with. And of course, there is delicious RAW pizza! No meat or dairy required.

I’ve had moments where I’ve gotten mad at Raw Yoda for telling me not to make smoothies with multiple fruits in them (too much sugar) and I’ve gotten mad when he said not to eat nuts or nut butters within 3 hours of waking up (too heavy…you want something light in the morning) I’ve gotten pissy and annoyed and thought, gosh there are so many rules and I should just quit and eat whatever I want.

But eating whatever I want never gave me this much energy. Eating whatever I wanted didn’t make me lose 10 and a half pounds in 2 weeks! Raw food did. It took me a day to realize that Raw Yoda was just looking out for me. He’s trying to help me and he has my best interests in mind. If there is anyone I should have gotten mad at, it was myself…because I wanted it to be easy. It’s not easy in the beginning. Beginnings are tough. I am learning everything all over again. It’s like learning how to un-cook when I’ve had a lifetime of cooking. To top it off, I’m noticing that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So when I don’t do something correctly the first time, I get mad at myself. Yeah. I know. I’m learning to relax 😉

Raw Yoda reminded me that sometimes in life we have to do things that are hard. You’ll look around and you won’t see anyone else doing it. But when you accomplish your goals and look back, you’ll realize why you had to do it.

I am so glad I have stuck with this 100% and I’m so glad Raw Yoda put up with me this far. I feel amazing! It is a process. You have to learn that you need to shop for fresh organic produce at least once a week. You have to make things from scratch…and then they only last so long in the fridge. Sometimes making certain recipes can be labor intensive (raw veggie lasagna) all the chopping and preparing. But it’s worth it. It’s SO worth it. People should be making things from scratch. We should be using only fresh organic ingredients. We shouldn’t eat things out of cans or boxes with ingredients we cannot pronounce! I know that while what I am doing might seem crazy to some, it makes perfect sense to me.

I haven’t had a cup of coffee in three weeks and I have tons of energy! I finally figured out a key factor ….and that is being active. Raw Yoda must have said it fifty times but it didn’t sink in until now. The more I work out, the more energy I have. If I am having a blah day where I don’t feel like moving at all, I have to force myself to go to the gym, and by the time I leave, I am so glad that I went.

I had always thought that my lifestyle was super healthy, but I had no idea what I was talking about. Sure I didn’t eat fast food, but I didn’t eat like this. I’ve never had so many veggies in my life…and I’m LOVING it. Now I crave veggies! I get excited about exploring all the recipe options out there and making new and creative dishes for other people to try! Of course, you can always eat raw food whole, just eat an apple, or by having a giant salad. But I’m a recipe girl too. I liked cooking. I liked making meals for people and being creative with food.

Now I get to dive into an entirely new chapter of my world, which is un-cooking! I’ve been dying to make a raw apple pie I saw on Ani Phyo’s site. I’m going to do that for Thanksgiving! There is also a raw pumpkin cheesecake recipe (made without dairy of course) that I want to test out.

The raw food world isn’t just salads. If you put in the effort, it can be anything you wish it to be.

I remind myself of that when I’m feeling lazy about it. The more I learn and the more I discover, the better it gets! So here is to another three weeks of rawsomeness!

One step at a time!

Lovely comments!

  1. Jules from Brookings OR says:

    Been browsing through your blog and love it!!! Especially this post, as that’s exactly how I felt the first month. I didn’t want to eat repetitively, but didn’t yet own a juicer, spiral slicer or proper blender (still don’t own dehydrator, either!)… I have 2 kids (6 and 11 years old) who are 75-80% raw. Still eating fish, cooked root veggies, and milk based kefir and yogurt – organic of course – and they LOVE eating raw and creating theor own recipes! My 11 year old had health scares all last year, he missed 33 days of school and was tested for everything from diabetes to lymphoma! Scary stuff! It was a learning curve for him, but I never pushed him, just encouraed him to give it one week and never denied him what he wanted to eat, just asked him to notice how you feel different eating an apple vs.a apple nutrigrain bar (for example). No power struggle here! Kids are smart and listen to their bodies, wish adults could say the same! My six year old daughter woks never been immunized and I’d rarely sick, has always been a “fruit bug”, but loves her veggies now as well. She says “I didn’t even know I didn’t feel good, but now I feel better!” Thanks for spreading the word about raw/whole foods and sharing your journey with so much honesty and integrity! Namaste

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