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Sexy Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate? Sexy! Dessert? Sexy! Getting fat from eating it? So NOT Sexy!  What if there was an alternative?  What if you could eat chocolate ice cream that tastes amazing and what if it was actually good for you? What if you didn’t need an ice cream maker either? Now that’s Sexy! My friend Marlena asked me if I had tried raw chocolate ice cream yet.  I said no.  Her reply: “OMG you haven’t LIIIIVED!”  With that kind of reply, one usually asks for the recipe…and I did.  I tried it out. She was right. It’s amazing, delicious and so simple

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Sit Up Straight!

You know you should. Your Mom always told you to. Your teachers told you to. So why do you look like a sad sack in a chair every day slumped over your computer…typing in the dark… with gremlins running around your feet? Okay… scratch that last part. I just ordered this chair to use at my desk. I can’t wait to get it. Once I get it I’ll be sure to describe in detail how freaking amazing it is, because, I’m sure it is. I ordered it in plum. Yes, plum. Sounds sweeter than purple 🙂 BalanceBall Chair

A Raw 2010

It’s 2010! Amazing! Heading into 2010 as raw as I can be! Sooo excited for what lies ahead. I hope all of you have an amazing year and thank you so much for following along on my blog and sharing your blogs and stories as well! Best of luck, health, happiness and love to all in the coming year. Let’s begin anew… xoxoLauren