Sexy Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate? Sexy!
Dessert? Sexy!
Getting fat from eating it? So NOT Sexy! 
What if there was an alternative?  What if you could eat chocolate ice cream that tastes amazing and what if it was actually good for you? What if you didn’t need an ice cream maker either? Now that’s Sexy!
My friend Marlena asked me if I had tried raw chocolate ice cream yet.  I said no.  Her reply: “OMG you haven’t LIIIIVED!”  With that kind of reply, one usually asks for the recipe…and I did.  I tried it out. She was right.
It’s amazing, delicious and so simple to make.  So get ready sexy people, your sexy healthy dessert is right here!
This serves one or two people, depending on how hungry you are.
Ingredients: bananas, agave, raw cocoa powder 
  • Take 2 bananas and cut them into ½ inch slices.  Put them in a ziplock baggie and toss them into the freezer for about 3 hrs. 
  • Remove banana slices from freezer and place into a food processor (or blender if you have a good one)
  • Add 2 (heaping) tablespoons of organic raw cocoa powder 
  • 1 tablespoon of agave  (you can use stevia, or a few dates as a substitute)
And Blend!  
You will end up with sexy chocolate creaminess in a bowl!  Feel free to top it with berries,  raw cocoa nibs, extra banana slices… the great thing about this is you can make it so many different ways!
If you want to make it extra creamy or to turn it into a smoothie/milkshake, add almond milk or hemp milk.
I added ¾ of a cup of spring water to it and poured the mixture into a mug, popped it back into the freezer and ended up with chocolate water ice.
For the extra sexy indulgent *buzz*…add 3 tablespoons of baileys and 1 tablespoon of dark rum to the recipe.

(If you aren’t a fan of bananas, you can use an avocado.  I know what you are thinking, but I promise, you won’t taste the avocado.) 

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