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Get Off Your Sexy Ass!

And MOVE! I’ve turned a corner finally.  This past month, (well, months, but this past one in particular) has been hard for me.  My mini surgery and 20 stitches in my side put a major damper in my workout routine.  I couldn’t run.  I couldn’t twist my upper body in either direction.  I couldn’t extend my left arm to reach the turn signal in my car without feeling the stitches pull on my left side rib area.  In short, it sucked. I’ve spent weeks being envious of everyone I’ve seen outside playing and running in this gorgeous weather.  I had

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Organic Tastes Disgusting

That’s what someone just said to me. Interesting…  That’s a new one. me: “no, organic just means no pesticides or chemicals all over it”him: “no it means it tastes disgusting”me: “an organic apple and a regular apple taste exactly the same – although actually… an organic apple probably tastes better” I gave this person a box of Larabars which are raw snack bars – made with only whole organic ingredients.  For example, the Apple Pie Bar is made with dates, almonds, and unsweetened apples.  That’s it.  Just three simple ingredients. He looks at me and says, “this is going to taste

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Raw Sexy Skin

Get checked!Get checked for what? Cancer.That’s what…and everything else that you can get checked for, that is (hopefully) covered by your (assuming you have it) health insurance. If it’s not covered, find a free clinic that will do it.  Lots of times they are right under your nose and you don’t even know it.  For example, University of Penn offers free/crazy cheap dental cleanings, and not too far down the road from me is a free medical clinic. Why do I need to get checked?  I eat well, I work out, I’m super healthy, I never get sick, I look

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