Raw Sexy Skin

Get checked!
Get checked for what?
That’s what…and everything else that you can get checked for, that is (hopefully) covered by your (assuming you have it) health insurance.

If it’s not covered, find a free clinic that will do it.  Lots of times they are right under your nose and you don’t even know it.  For example, University of Penn offers free/crazy cheap dental cleanings, and not too far down the road from me is a free medical clinic.

Why do I need to get checked?  I eat well, I work out, I’m super healthy, I never get sick, I look fine in the mirror and I’m friggin awesome.  Lauren, you are ridiculous for telling me to get checked.

Get checked, because if you don’t, I’ll kick your a**.  That’s right.  I said a** (well, I sort of said it)

I went to the dermatologist a couple weeks ago for a “body check”.  Never had one before.  Sure I’ve had my time in the sun lifeguarding and laying out on the beach but I always wore SPF and I’m half italian and get crazy dark and I figured I was fine.  Nothing looked too odd on me (other than my face hahahaha) no seriously, I always thought I was fine.

So I go, they biopsy 2 areas and one comes back fine, and the other comes back “bizarre”  Yes.  Bizarre.  “Bizarre atypical cells” was my official over-the-phone diagnosis.  They asked me to come back.  I did. Three inch incision and 20 stitches later, all “bizarre” and once I was face to face, “possibly pre-cancerous” cells were removed from my left side.  Woah.

I didn’t see that coming.  No one ever does.

What is a body check?  You take off your clothes except for your hot sexy bra, panties or manties (man version of panties-you can quote me on that).  You lay on a luxuriously cushiony padded table (covered in that soft negative 5 thread count roll of paper)   The doc has a little magnifying glass that lights up (like those diamond expert people have when they are looking at a stone)  and the doc looks through this at every single freckle, mole, mark, etc on your body.

Flip over, same on other side.  If you are good, you are good.  If something catches their eye, they might numb the area and remove it (as was in my case).  Then they send to lab for testing, then you get results (and in my case, a bunch of stitches).    But if you are good, you are good and you just adiós outta there.

It’s easy as pie and you get whatever isn’t good – gone.

You’ll be out in the sun this summer…no doubt.  Wouldn’t it be a nice peace of mind to know that there isn’t anything on your skin that might not be what you think it is?  (other than that guy/girl you went home with because you had a nasty case of beer goggles? ew!)

Call your dermatologist and schedule a body check.  Never been to one? Ask a friend or relative for the name of one.  Heck, if you live in PA, I’ll send you to mine.  The check itself takes 10 minutes…longer, I assume, if you are covered in 800 moles and freckles, but for the average Jane or Joe, it takes just a few minutes.

You won’t have to wonder or worry anymore.  You’ll know for sure, that your skin…the largest organ of your body, is healthy and having a good ol’ time being part of you!  Just in time to get scantily clad and run around on the beach!

So do it.   You sexy thing you.  Rawr!

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