Organic Tastes Disgusting

That’s what someone just said to me.

Interesting…  That’s a new one.

me: “no, organic just means no pesticides or chemicals all over it”
him: “no it means it tastes disgusting”
me: “an organic apple and a regular apple taste exactly the same – although actually… an organic apple probably tastes better”

I gave this person a box of Larabars which are raw snack bars – made with only whole organic ingredients.  For example, the Apple Pie Bar is made with dates, almonds, and unsweetened apples.  That’s it.  Just three simple ingredients.

He looks at me and says, “this is going to taste disgusting…it says organic on it…this isn’t going to taste like a reeses pieces peanut butter cup!”  I said, “well it’s not going to kill you either.” 

Him: “you know I base my criteria of food on just one category…taste.”

So he starts chewing and his eyes brighten a bit. 

me: “and ???”
him: “well it’s not disgusting.” 

5 minutes later he walked passed me with another one in his mouth.

him: “what’s in this cherry pie one?”
me: “ummm dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries”
him: “dates???” (looking confused)
me: “yea, they’re super sweet- you’re getting your fiber too!”
him: “never had one of those”

Now I’m not a huge advocate of “bars” of any type really unless you are an athlete and need to get in a quick punch of nutrition or you are hiking/being active and can’t carry a bunch of veggies and fruit with you.  I still think people should always pick the whole food ingredients over the “bars”.  But when you want an after lunch snack and you normally pick up reeses peanut butter cups or other processed snacky food, a lara bar or other raw bar is definitely a GREAT alternative. 

Ahhhh I’m winning them over.  One whole nutritious sexy ingredient at a time.  🙂

PS – Try out the Chocolate Larabar made with just dates, almonds, cashews, walnuts and cocoa.  (all organic too)  It’s yummy. 

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