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Just Beet It

This is another easy, filling salad to try out!   I layered some beautiful organic spinach with piles of fresh zucchini that I tossed into the food processor and topped that with sliced beets.     For the beets, I take whole raw beets and put them in the oven until they are just slightly warm.  That makes them a bit softer and easier to slice.  You can also take raw beets and put them through the food processor and it will slice them into chips for you. If you want to go the chip route, just bake the beet

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Summer Salads

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!  The kick-off of the summer season. Many people are out firing up their grills, hosting parties and headed to the beach!  Keep yourself on track this holiday weekend by creating some gorgeous summer salads!   Raw veggies will give you amazing amounts of energy and you will need that energy for all of your activities! Instead of feeling heavy and bloated from eating traditional barbecue fare like burgers, pasta salads, baked beans and potatoes….switch it up and make bright,  fun summer salads using colorful veggies, raw nuts, and fresh homemade raw guacamole!    For dessert, you

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Raw on a Budget!

A friend asked me today how I afford all this healthy food…she is getting into the high raw lifestyle herself and has noticed the grocery bills adding up. Budget changes are something that everyone experiences when they are overhauling their diet and lifestyle.  When I first started, I didn’t really know what to get…. so I got everyyyyythingggggg!  Every veggie, every fruit, every sample of every nut butter, dried fruits, seeds, etc.  That can definitely put a strain on your wallet.  Of course it is always fun to try out new veggies that you have never had before and switch things up, but sometimes

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally!

I have naturally low blood pressure.  It could be from all my years of running / working out, or it could just be that I am lucky.  Who knows.  I do know, that anytime I see a new doctor for anything, and they take my blood pressure, they always look at me slightly concerned and ask, “is your blood pressure normally this low?”  “Yes.  Always.” is my reply…  I guess that makes it normal 😉     Normal according to the text books is 120 over 80.   What is blood pressure?  Here is the medical run down:   Blood pressure is the force

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Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl!

This is an amazing soup that tastes JUST like pumpkin pie.  I kid you not.  I would not tease about such an fabulous thing!  This soup recipe originated from Natalia Rose, but you can always adjust it to your personal tastes!  If you are craving something sweet, just make a big batch of this soup.  It will kick that craving in a delicious and incredibly healthy way!  Enjoy! This will serve two people, feel free to double up this recipe to make more! 2 raw sweet potatoes cubed 1 avocado 16 ounces of fresh carrot juice 1 teaspoon of stevia or another

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Asparagus Avocado Dip

  This is avocado dip with a kick!  Enjoy!   1 bunch of asparagus steamed 2 ripe avocados 1 teaspoon of high quality dijon mustard 1/2 cup of filtered or spring water sea salt to taste   (feel free to add a bit more dijon mustard if you like things extra spicy!)   ~Place all ingredients in food processor and blend.  Feel free to top with diced tomatoes!  Use raw veggies to dip or organic chips!  You could even add a bit more water to the recipe, heat to the touch, and enjoy as a soup!~

Sexy Fabulous Guacamole!

I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a love affair with avocados. They’re pretty darn perfect. Summertime is almost here and that means more social gatherings with friends, more parties, and more snacks! Raw Sexy Snacks! I’m a big fan of easy, quick, healthy food!  Having friends over and need to prepare some yummy snacks in a hurry?  Guacamole is my go-to dish! For a basic yet extremely tasty guacamole, all you need are avocados, tomato, lime, cilantro and sea salt!  You can always jazz it up with extras if you have them such as:  garlic, onions, jalapeño, peppers…whatever makes

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