Raw on a Budget!

A friend asked me today how I afford all this healthy food…she is getting into the high raw lifestyle herself and has noticed the grocery bills adding up.

Budget changes are something that everyone experiences when they are overhauling their diet and lifestyle.  When I first started, I didn’t really know what to get…. so I got everyyyyythingggggg!  Every veggie, every fruit, every sample of every nut butter, dried fruits, seeds, etc.  That can definitely put a strain on your wallet.  Of course it is always fun to try out new veggies that you have never had before and switch things up, but sometimes money is tight and you just need to make it through the week… (without defaulting to eating any cheap crappy food – like that two dollar box of crackers you know won’t do you any favors).

So what is a newly sexy raw person to do?  

Make a LIST of the bare essentials!

I know, for example, that I always want lemon in my water.  Sometimes I want fresh lemon juice and stevia in it and I want a giant pitcher of it.  So lemons are on my list.

I know that no salad is complete (to me) without avocado.  When I don’t add avocado, I might find myself hungry an hour later.  When I do add avocado, I’m completely satisfied for hours.  So, avocados are on my list.

I have the staples of mixed greens, tomato, carrots, cucumber, celery, avocado, lemon, and lime on my list.

I have a list of extras which are always negotiable, depending on my budget:  sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, raw olives, raw hummus, raw cashews to make a raw ranch dressing, organic zucchini for “pasta” etc.  I consider those things specialty items.  I do not need to eat them every day, nor could I afford (at the present moment) to eat them every day.  Sometimes I’ll just opt for the olives. Sometimes I’ll go with the sun dried tomatoes and add that to my giant salad for the week.

Take time to sit down and make a list of the things you love the most that make you feel happy, healthy and satisfied when it comes to your meals for the week.  The things that you just cannot get by without having.  Those are your basics.  Then make a second list of specialty items…these you don’t really need, but you really enjoy having once in a while and you just like them.  Your basic list is a must.  Your specialty list is negotiable depending on your weekly budget.

Some of you might be thinking, “but that sounds like so much work!”  or “but that is still pretty expensive for me!”  Let me ask you this:  Would you rather pay for fresh organic produce or would you rather pay for doctors bills and hospital bills?  

Can you put a price on your health and the quality of your life?  Isn’t your health worth a little bit of work and effort on your part?  Aren’t we all responsible for our own well being?

Do you want to be the 75 year old guy in the wheelchair? Or do you want to be the 75 year old guy who is jogging down the boardwalk to his mp3 player at the beach? 

Pick one. It’s your life.  Make it RAW AND SEXY!!!!!!!!

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Eating Raw on a Budget – $3.33 a day!

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