Sexy Fabulous Guacamole!

I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a love affair with avocados. They’re pretty darn perfect. Summertime is almost here and that means more social gatherings with friends, more parties, and more snacks! Raw Sexy Snacks!

I’m a big fan of easy, quick, healthy food!  Having friends over and need to prepare some yummy snacks in a hurry?  Guacamole is my go-to dish! For a basic yet extremely tasty guacamole, all you need are avocados, tomato, lime, cilantro and sea salt!  You can always jazz it up with extras if you have them such as:  garlic, onions, jalapeño, peppers…whatever makes you happy!

Make sure your avocados are ripe, slice them, pit them, and scoop avocado into a bowl.  For a handful of friends, I will use at least 8 avocados.  You’ll be surprised at how fast it gets devoured!  After you have scooped all of the avocados into a bowl, add a cup and a half of diced tomatoes or halved cherry tomatoes, juice of one lime, a small bunch of fresh cilantro, diced, and sea salt to taste.  Feel free to mix this together with your hands!  It’s the fastest way to mix guacamole and fun too!  If you don’t like getting your hands messy, toss all ingredients together into a food processor and blend just until evenly mixed.  Don’t blend for too long though, or you’ll end up with avocado soup!

Have lots of raw veggies on hand for dipping, or fill some large lettuce leaves with guacamole, extra tomatoes, and voila!  Veggie wrap!  You can also add a scoop of guacamole to many raw dishes, salads, zucchini “pastas”…the works!

This takes just minutes to make and your guests are guaranteed to ask you for the recipe!

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy!

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