Summer Salads

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!  The kick-off of the summer season. Many people are out firing up their grills, hosting parties and headed to the beach!  Keep yourself on track this holiday weekend by creating some gorgeous summer salads!   Raw veggies will give you amazing amounts of energy and you will need that energy for all of your activities!

Instead of feeling heavy and bloated from eating traditional barbecue fare like burgers, pasta salads, baked beans and potatoes….switch it up and make bright,  fun summer salads using colorful veggies, raw nuts, and fresh homemade raw guacamole!    For dessert, you can make a fruit salad or raw ice cream using bananas.   These options will keep you feeling energetic and fabulous on the beach or playing backyard volleyball!

Raw Sexy Summer Salad:

Romaine, spinach, carrots, baby bella mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, raw olives, raw walnuts, raw cashews, avocado, juice of one lime, sea salt.
I scoop out the avocado and mix it with juice of one lime and sea salt to turn it into a guacamole-like consistency.  You can add tomatoes, jalapenos, or onions to this to spice it up however you like.  Add a heaping scoop of guacamole to your salad base.  You can add an additional dressing of lime, orange, or lemon juice and olive oil, or… if you are like me, you just mix the guacamole throughout the entire salad and that serves as a delicious avocado dressing in itself!
If you are not a fan of avocados or guacamole, feel free to have the salad without those ingredients and add your own dressing or twist to it.  Even without the avocado, the salad still looks incredibly delish!  (and it was, because I just ate it)  🙂

Here is a photo sans avocado:  YUM.  Enjoy!

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