A Raw and Sexy 4th of July

This July 4th weekend is almost upon us!  Where is the summer going?! Many people will be having gatherings and parties, so make sure that yours stays natural and healthy!  Holidays and special events are for celebrating! Celebrating life and freedom…that also means our own personal freedom…our free spirits…feeling free within your body.  Not eating too much and drinking too much and making yourself feel miserable, bloated, exhausted, and worn out.  Where is the freedom and joy in that?

If you are attending a 4th of July party where you know that meat and junk food might be the main fare, take a giant veggie tray with you and a fruit salad.   Eat something healthy before you go and then snack on your veggie treats!  Don’t go to a party starving…you’ll only set yourself up for massive temptation.  You are a priority!  Treat yourself and your health that way!

For this upcoming holiday weekend, I will be heading out into nature with one of my life long best friends.  We will be camping under the stars for 3 days, hiking, swimming, having sing alongs and making lots of fruit and veggie smoothies!  I am so excited to have another opportunity to re-connect with nature and the people I love.  We could write about it all day long, but if we don’t actually get out and do it, we will never reap the benefits that are right in front of us!  For three days I will not be near a computer, a television, and my phone will be (mostly) turned off. 🙂  What?!…I still have to text photos of nature to people to inspire them to get outside!!!  🙂

You still have a few days to plan your holiday weekend.  Make time to get OUTSIDE.  If it is hot, head to a lake.  Get out for an early morning or early evening walk with the family.  Hose each other down in the yard!  Set up a slip and slide!  Run around barefoot!  Lay on a blanket in the grass.  Catch lightning bugs (and then let them go!!!)  Smell the honeysuckle.  Lay out on the grass at night and watch the heavens for shooting stars.  Get some colored chalk and play hopscotch with your kids on the sidewalk.    Remember all of the fun things you did outside as a child, and do them again.  Do them with your adult friends!  Do them with your children.  Make memories.  Enjoy the freedom that we have to walk around and enjoy our surroundings…without worry.  Find that carefree feeling again.

You could eat all the veggies and fruits in the world, but if you never get outside and enjoy nature, you are MISSING OUT!  Jump! Run! Skip! Play kick the can! Get some sunshine!

The delivery guy rang my doorbell yesterday and dropped off my SunWarrior raw vegan protein order (YAY!) and as I picked up the box, I realized that delivery people are the only people I know who still get to play “ring and run”.  Remember that?  Hot summer nights, where you just ran to a house, rang the doorbell and sprinted away as fast as you could?  Find that part of you again, the silly, daring, not a care in the world part of you…I guarantee it’s still there. 

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, energetic, relaxing, beautiful and inspired 4th of July.  Celebrate the freedoms we have that so many people have fought so hard for, and thank those people by getting outside and living life to it’s fullest.  Celebrate your own freedom within your body.  Work your muscles, breathe fresh air, and most importantly…laugh…love one another…be happy.

Thanks to everyone who fought so hard for the freedoms that I enjoy today.  Sending my love to you!

I will post some major training updates under my competition tab when I get back!  🙂

Keep it RAW and SEXY.


***For a hot summer day quick dessert – take fresh squeezed orange juice or any other fresh juice, fill an ice cube tray, pop in some popsicle sticks and a few hours later you will have healthy popsicles for everyone to enjoy!!!***

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