Raw Sexy Lemonade!

Forget your Gatorade and vitamin waters, skinny waters, sugar filled waters, chemical filled waters…

Just drink WATER!  Fresh spring water, filtered water, plain fabulous water!  But when you get bored with drinking plain water and want a more fun and delicious way to hydrate, make your own lemonade!

I do this at least once a day, and it helps me make sure that I am always hydrated.  This is especially important as the temps creep higher and higher over the next few months.  Add in lots of physical activity, and you could be in major trouble if you become dehydrated in the heat!

With a few lemons and a tablespoon of stevia, you can make a healthy, sugar free, calorie free, chemical free lemonade!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with stevia, it is a natural plant extract that is sweeter than sugar and is naturally calorie free!  That’s right! It is even safe for diabetics to have.

I’ve tried a few brands of stevia and the one pictured here is my favorite, it tastes great! It’s NuNaturals brand.  Try it out!  I order mine from www.iherb.com

To make the lemonade, juice 3 or more lemons (I go with 3 but you might like your lemonade stronger).  I use my old fashioned juicer for the lemons…it think it’s more fun.  You can also use an orange or grapefruit if you are out of lemons and just want your water to have flavor!

Pour the lemon juice into a pitcher and add filtered water. Add a tablespoon of stevia and stir!  That’s all there is to it! Switch this recipe up with limes, grapefruit, oranges, any citrus fruit will do!  You will never get bored with drinking your water again.

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