Raw for Life?

I get asked a lot of questions about the Raw Lifestyle… Are you raw all the time? Are you 100% Raw? Will you be Raw forever?

As a friend pointed out to me the other day, I don’t do a lot of things in moderation. I’m kind of an all-or-nothing girl. Not sure exactly why…maybe I like the challenge. Maybe I like extremes. Maybe I like testing myself to see what I am capable of…or maybe I’m crazy! Haha While all-or-nothing can be a positive thing, it can also be stressful.

Stress, as we all know, isn’t healthy. Stressing about “food rules” all the time isn’t healthy. Self-imposed rules that cause stress and dis-ease are not healthy.

So here is my answer to all of those questions. Yes, I try to be Raw as much as possible. What does that mean? It means if I can control the situation (eating at home for example) I will choose lots of raw veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds. Do I eat steamed veggies? Sure. Sometimes I want steamed veggies. Sometimes I want to make mashed “potatoes” out of cauliflower, olive oil and sea salt. Sometimes I want to make a soup from broccoli, avocado, celery and herbs, and I’ll steam the broccoli first. Steamed cauliflower and steamed broccoli tend to play nice with my stomach much more than their raw counterparts. And who doesn’t like hot soup when it’s cold out?

Raw isn’t about a set of rules. Think of it more as a guideline. A diet that is high in raw veggies can only be good for you. But a diet that makes you stress out and freak out and pull your hair out at the end of the day, isn’t good for you. If eating raw foods 100% of the time is too much for you to handle and cannot easily fit into your lifestyle, then try 80%. If that’s too much, try 50% or 60% raw. Make 2 meals a day raw. If you are just looking to add more veggies into your life and don’t really care about how you do it, make one meal a day raw. Hate the entire idea of raw? Just add more veggies! Period! Steamed, sautéed, grilled, whatever floats your boat. The whole idea behind this is to live a healthy lifestyle. Feel as great as you can feel. Use nature as a guide. Get away from the processed, and get back to whole foods.

Have a local farmers market? Great! Supporting your local farms is incredibly important. Don’t have anything local? You can always check out CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture – just Google it for your area) and you can have fruits and veggies delivered to you monthly, or they will be shipped to a location and you can pick them up! You can always start a garden! I would love to grow all of my own veggies some day. How amazing would it be to just walk into your yard and pick veggies for your meals? LOVE it. Love love love.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and having great health plays a key role in being able to enjoy it. But food, is also something to enjoy. You really can make just about anything raw and have it taste amazing – from salads, soups, and entrees to desserts and chocolate! But if that is too much fuss for you, don’t stress about it! Just add more veggies to your diet.

Instead of salmon with a side of rice, try salmon with a salad or salmon with a side of steamed veggies!

Instead of a snack of cheese and crackers, slice an apple and dip it in almond butter!

Instead of eating salsa and chips, eat salsa with cucumber slices and celery!

Keep a big bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter or table.

Toss out the processed foods (crackers, chips, cookies…I try to avoid anything that comes in a box or a bag)

Pick one day a week to chop veggies. I like to chop up several kinds of veggies every Sunday and put them in air tight containers in the fridge. That way when I want a snack, I don’t have to do any work. The veggies are right there, prepped and waiting for me!

These are small, easy things that ANYONE can do. It’s not difficult to add more raw to your diet. Some people say it is expensive, but I argue, which is more expensive? Medical bills and prescription drugs? Or veggies? Which would you rather pay for? Can you put a price on your health? Can you put a price on being around to help raise your grandchildren? I can’t.

You know those 80 year old super tan guys that go running on the beach in their short shorts and gold chains? (Probably not unless you’ve been to the Jersey Shore) but yes, there are healthy, fit, 80 yr old men jogging on the boardwalk at the beach every morning.

That’s going to be me. Not the man part obviously, and not the gold chains, but you bet your sexy booty I’m going to be jogging at 80. Blue hair and all. 😉

Be as raw as you can be…without stressing out about it. Make an effort to add more veggies into your daily life, without stressing out about it.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, and what we put into our bodies is the fuel to help us do just that! Eating healthy will improve your quality of life!  Do what works for you. Make small changes here and there…they will add up and you’ll start to notice the difference in your health…and who knows…maybe you’ll decide to make a bigger change one day!
Stay Raw and Sexy, strong and healthy…and eat your veggies!!!!!!!


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