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I have been learning so much every day as I prepare for my bikini competition.  One thing I’d like to touch on is “diet” and just how incredible raw foods are…I keep reading post after post from some fitness competitors online about how after a show they binge and they gain all of this weight back and they can’t help themselves and how awful it is etc etc etc.

With a raw foods lifestyle, that doesn’t happen. The foods I am eating now are the very same foods I’ll eat after the competition. I’m not eating 2 dozen egg whites and chicken breast after chicken breast for the next 2 months. I’m eating veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, nutbutters, smoothies, raw soups, salads, and yes, even raw dessert! I am not deprived in any way. I do not feel like there is something else out there that I wish I could be eating. My friend Sherif Kamal just came up with a cookie dough smoothie that I am dying to test out, and it uses all natural raw vegan ingredients! There is no limit and no restriction with the raw food lifestyle.

It is possible to be a “bad” raw vegan just as it is possible to be a “bad” vegetarian. I could eat nuts all day long. Bags and bags of nuts and raw chocolate and raw cakes full of nuts and more raw chocolate…. that wouldn’t give me very much diversity nutrition wise, and it would also wreak havoc on my digestion since nuts are an extremely dense food. A “bad” vegetarian, could for example, eat pasta and bread all day. But for me personally, I do my best to make sure I am getting all of the nutrition that I need from a wide variety of whole organic foods. This morning I made a smoothie with banana, avocado, blueberries, mango, raw honey, SunWarrior raw vegan vanilla protein powder, spirulina and spring water. Later in the day I will make a raw soup from lightly steamed asparagus, broccoli, celery, olive oil and sea salt all blended together in the food processor. I always like to add some high quality dijon mustard to that soup for an extra kick of heat. But it’s about BALANCE. If I do fruits in the morning, I make sure I get my veggies in later in the day or vice versa. I make sure I get some good fats – organic first cold pressed olive oil and organic avocados are my favorites. I don’t feel deprived. I don’t wish I had something else. When you get the nutrition that you need, your body feels satisfied, and raw foods are so delicious, that my palate is satisfied. I know that what I am eating is the best possible food from the earth and so my mind and soul feel satisfied.

I have learned so much from working with Nature’s Fitness Model – Sherif Kamal, and the SunWarrior Team. A “fitness” competition isn’t about being BIG. It isn’t about looking good on the outside at the expense of your inside. It isn’t about starving yourself and then binging for days once the competition is over. True fitness is about HEALTH. It is about being incredibly healthy on the inside. Making sure that your organs are being treated right. Making sure that your blood is clean. Making sure you get all of the right natural nutrition. No chemicals. No quick fixes. No illusions of health. Fitness should be about health first and foremost.

There are all types of models out there. Fashion, commercial, fitness, etc. But to be a real model, you should set an example. You shouldn’t be a cardboard cut-out or just a pretty image with no substance…no roots. You should be able to represent health, inner and outer beauty, proper nutrition, fitness, nature…. you should be a shining example…a beacon of light into what is possible…what can be achieved internally and physically when we choose to turn to nature.

A girl who is on the cover of Vogue but smokes a pack of cigarettes a day so that she won’t eat isn’t a model. A girl who starves herself for weeks for a photo shoot but then binges on pizza and burgers and ice cream after the shoot isn’t a model. A guy who lives on egg whites, lean meat and synthetic supplements for months while he works out really hard, but then binges for days on junk food after he places in a fitness competition isn’t a model. Those people are all illusions and so many of us, for years, have bought into those illusions. We have strived to attain that image, but many people have no idea that it is just a mirage. Those illusions of success and beauty and sexiness are just that…because those people are causing damage to their insides at the expense of their outsides.

Health is first and foremost. Nature’s Fitness Model – Sherif Kamal, is proof that you can rock a fitness competition and place in the top on a raw, natural, vegan diet with no synthetic drugs or man made “foods” or meat, or animal products added. He is a true model. His muscles were obtained naturally with a raw vegan diet and hard workouts! He is an example of someone who is beautiful and healthy on the inside and the outside.

When you see me in my bikini competition standing next to all of those other competitors, you will know with 100% certainty that I am a true model. I am healthy on the inside and outside. I am 100% natural from head to toe and that if I can do that, SO CAN YOU! When you see me in a magazine or you see my photos from a photo shoot, you can be confident that I didn’t starve myself for weeks. I didn’t smoke packs of cigarettes. I didn’t take fat burning pills or have any plastic surgery. I didn’t live on egg whites. I didn’t eat a whole pizza and pint of ice cream and then throw it up.

I ate a natural diet of veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds. I had sliced bananas with raw almond nut butter for breakfast. For lunch I had a giant salad with spinach, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, and every other veggie I could think of….if I was craving carbs I had a warm sweet potato with olive oil and sea salt. Or I made beet chips and dipped them in fresh guacamole. Maybe I was in a dessert mood and I made a raw chocolate, banana, almond milk smoothie and sprinkled it with goji berries and cinnamon. Or I made macaroons from dates, coconut and cashews. Maybe I made homemade tomato soup and had some flax seed “crackers”.

With a raw lifestyle, the possibilities are endless! I can make a raw pizza if I want. I can eat raw ice cream. I am not one way today and then another way tomorrow. My outside is a reflection of my inside. I LOVE food. I LOVE amazing flavors. Do you think I would have a lifestyle where I wasn’t happy and satisfied? Not only does raw food make me smile, but it’s the best thing I could put in my body. I am alive…and therefore I eat raw living foods…they fill me with nutrients, energy, vitality, and peace of mind.

If I can do this SO CAN YOU! Anyone can do this. Anyone can choose to be a real model. Be Raw and Sexy. Be beautiful and healthy from the INSIDE out. That’s what this is about. This isn’t about a pretty picture. Be more than just a pretty picture.  Set an example.

For more information and inspiration on raw fitness, check out Sherif’s website:  Nature’s Fitness Model

For an all NATURAL, raw, vegan, protein supplement to add to your diet (instead of that nasty whey stuff that can cause intestinal toxemia) click on my SunWarrior links on the side of my blog. 

Still confused about where to start with a raw diet?  Just walk outside.  Take a cue from nature.  Need more information?  Check out my resource tab and the raw blog links on my site.  There is a whole beautiful world of raw health out there just waiting for you to grab it.

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  1. Hi, you are truly inspirational and amazing! I really admire your initiative and determination and your belief in the power of raw food. I am trying constantly to eat more raw foods, but it is not easy. Thanks for setting an excellent example and keep up the great work!!!

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