A Cup of Enlightenment


You might see people throwing that word around in blogs…on facebook…and I used to wonder what they were referring to when they connected “enlightenment” to food.

I had always thought of enlightenment as this Ah-HA! Moment… something more than a yoda bumper sticker…something that clicks…and suddenly makes sense…you are going along on your path with all these different things going on and then suddenly…something happens…and Ah-HA! Now you get it.  Now you understand why.  Now it all makes sense.  Everything is so much clearer.  But my “enlightenment” outside of my relationship with God had never had anything to do with food…until now…and ironically, it brought me even closer to God.

Think for a moment, about Thanksgivings of the past.  When you ate far too much and passed out on the couch.  Everyone blames the turkey for the sleepy effect, but in reality, it’s the combinations and quantities of foods all mixed together that creates that stuffed, lethargic, can’t move, bloated, food-coma, I’m gonna pass out while balancing a beer on my stomach and watching football-type feeling.  Food combining has a lot to do with that….when we eat massive carbs and massive proteins at the same time, our digestive system needs to use 2 different sets of enzymes to break that down…and those enzymes battle one another, or cancel each other out……..  we are basically putting our bodies through hell when we do that to ourselves.

Now think about that feeling…that Thanksgiving bloated stuck on the couch feeling.  What are you thinking about?  Most likely about how you ate too much….  Do you feel limber?  Do you feel light and energetic?  Do you feel like you can focus on the world?  On your self?  On your dreams?

…or do you feel like you just want to take a nap?

I’ve done a few juice feasts, and smoothie feasts and currently am on one now…and I absolutely love how I feel just drinking veggie and fruit juices.  I feel lighter in my body.  I don’t think “oh I ate too much” or “man I could really pass out from all this food”…even with raw foods, I think it’s great to take a break from all that eating sometimes and just get my nutrients in a smoothie, and go about my life.  We should eat to live, not live to eat.

After about 3 days of smoothies, I start to have incredible focus on my dreams and a zest for life.  I feel like anything is possible.  I feel amazing.  I feel free in my own skin.  My happiness meter shoots up to 11.  Yes, mine goes to 11.  🙂    I talk to God more.  In the car on the way to work, anytime I’m outside…my constant conversation with God just goes on and on and on. I feel closer to myself.  I feel closer to the earth. I feel closer to nature.  Closer to my heart.

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