Oh Stanley

I love Stanley.

Stanley is my amazing green thermos sitting here on my desk.

Stanley holds 32 ounces and keeps your beverage cold or hot for 24 hours!  I also own Stanley’s big brother, who is 64 ounces, and keeps things cold for up to 32 hours!  And when I say cold, I mean COLD.  Cold like it just-came-out-of-the-fridge cold. 

I bring Stanley to work with me on a regular basis.  He holds my green juice, smoothies and soups!  This morning he’s carrying my banana, strawberry, spinach, almond milk smoothie.  YUM.

I think everyone should have a Stanley.  But you’ll have to get your own because this guy is mine.

Well, actually, that’s not true.  This guy belonged to my grandfather.  My awesome Irish, Pepperidge Farm-truck driving grandfather who took 2 Stanleys on the road with him.  One filled with coffee, and one with soup.  (at least I think that’s what my Mom said).  I wonder if Pop-Pop would laugh if he saw me filling his Stanley with green smoothies.  I wonder if I could have gotten him to try a green smoothie.  The same man who put extra oil on his hoagies and extra salt on everything.  He was the best though. I always felt the love coming from him and he always made us laugh with either stories or practical jokes.  I think he would have tried a green smoothie.  It is GREEN after all. That should be good enough for the Irish. 

Anyway, I love this Stanley, not only because it works like a charm, but because I know my grandfather took it everywhere with him, and every single time I use it, I think about him. 

If you need something to tote your smoothies-juices-soups around in, I don’t think any brand is better than this one.  After all, this Stanley Thermos has been working for decades now.   You can take my word for it…and my Pop-Pop’s…the Irish know their stuff.  🙂

Click here to check out the Stanley website

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