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You may have noticed that my blog is changing shape a bit…but that makes perfect sense seeing as how I am changing right along with it.  I want my blog to be more of a lifestyle blog that focuses on overall health, nutrition, fitness, and how to achieve it in the best possible ways.  I will still be writing about raw foods and sharing recipes etc, but I am changing my blog to be more of a reflection of my lifestyle, and not just solely about raw foods.  After all, a balanced healthy happy life is what we are all after, right?  What better way to help each other achieve that than to talk about more than just food!  

I was chatting with my best friend Jodi the other day about how amazing it is…all the food blogs and websites out there.  It’s as though we have forgotten how to feed ourselves.  Fifty years ago the world was not covered with food blogs, food magazines, food shows, food this food that…  people just ate food and lived their lives.  But they ate real food, because the world wasn’t completely saturated with junk food, fast food, or processed food then either.  Now it seems that food has become some of our lives.  People post about it all day long.  They laundry list everything they eat.  That can be definitely helpful for some who are interested in seeing more healthy options and knowing what others are doing, but we have to remember that life is meant to be lived.  Not just eaten. 😉

Raw Is Sexy will have lots of raw food-whole food-healthy food posts, but I’ll be adding much more fitness, daily activities, goals, photos, etc to the mix!  Because that’s what being raw and sexy is really about… living the life, sharing it with others and hopefully inspiring you to take more steps in a raw and sexy direction!

So without further ado, I give you, Friend Fitness Weekends!

My bestest friend in the universe *Jodi* and I came up with the awesome idea of fitness weekends! Jodi lives in Connecticut and I live in Pennsylvania and we’ve decided to spend one weekend a month together (alternating locations) to work on our training-fitness-health and try out new things! The in-between weeks we can work on our personal goals and then when we meet up, share our progress.

Recently we racked up 2 (two) SIX MILE hikes-runs-walks together, had an outdoor movie night, cracked open coconuts and made the most divine smoothie EVER with coconut water, coconut meat, banana, spinach, apple, and Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein. 

Jodi has lots of 5k’s and races planned for fall, and I signed up for my first 5k in October!  So we have lots of running and training ahead of us.

For those of you wondering if I am still doing a fitness competition,  the best answer I can give you is yes and no 🙂   Yes, eventually I would like to do one.  No, I am not going to be ready for the Sept. 18th show as I had originally planned.  I work a lot, and have about 3 side jobs outside of my full time job, and finding the time to spend more than an hour and a half in the gym is difficult sometimes.  Sometimes I don’t want to be doing weights, sometimes I just want to ride my bike.  Sometimes I just want to run.  So I’m torn, because I don’t know if the fitness competition is for me…I set out to do it to just prove a point, but I put so much pressure and stress on myself to be this example and motivate the world, that I ended up just stressing myself out and juggling 18 balls at once, and burning out.  I think I have a Superwoman Complex.  I am always taking on so many things and I think this time around I spread myself a little too thin.  So we will see… if i can get in the groove where I have the time to train for that type of competition, I will most definitely do it.  But right now, I’m trying just to stay on track with my healthy balanced every day life and living in a gym is just not fitting in.  Don’t get me wrong, I work out in the gym at least 5 days a week.  I also run outside, ride my bike, etc.   But with my day job (executive assistant), my nutrition blog and cancer blog, writing my book, doing photography and modeling, nutritional counseling, and figuring out my next move, the fitness competition requires time I just don’t have this second.   I would like to do it though, (as I would like to do EVERYTHING! ALL THE TIME!!! haha) but I will have to pick another date.  Once I have one I’ll keep you posted!  So that is the update on that for now… 

I can definitely find time to train for my 5k in October and I am super excited about doing that!  🙂

I am also super excited about spending one weekend a month with Jodi!  Fall is almost here (can you believe it!!!???) and having lots of healthy activities to look forward to makes me really happy. 

I am realizing more and more that life really is about having a healthy balance across the board and not being so hard on ourselves all the time to be perfect.  At least I am working on that one for myself.  Because perfect doesn’t exist.  It never has.  It never will. 

Jodi has known me forever, and recently made a comment to me that I always seem to be doing doing doing and working towards something… but she said she wondered what would happen if I just stopped and enjoyed the present moment.  Just embraced exactly where I am at right now… and saw the “now” as being good enough.  How I am in this moment is good enough.  The things I am doing are good enough.  They just are.  That’s a hard concept for me because I think I’ve always felt pressure to achieve achieve achieve and be “successful” and what’s funny is that I put more pressure on myself than anyone else ever could.  To save the world.  Make everyone healthy and fit and happy.  Heal everyone.  Make people laugh.

Maybe it’s not a Superwoman Complex I have..maybe it’s a Mother Theresa Complex. 

Whatever it is, it’s too much.  So I am taking a step back and looking at the big picture.  The big raw sexy picture that is my life and figuring out where to hit the breaks and where to accelerate.  Figuring out what area needs more balance and doing a whole lot more of living in the moment.  Because the present moment is all we have. 

I’ll be sharing many of those living in the moment “moments” with you…and keeping it real.

and of course, Sexy.


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  1. I disagree – you are definitely superwoman!!! No complex going on. 🙂 XO


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