Raw Is Sexy Presents: Cancer Squad

I know I haven’t posted on here recently, but it’s with good reason!  I have been working on putting together a cancer resource website that contains everything I’ve learned and discovered about treating cancer naturally using food as medicine.  I think everyone should have access to this information and everyone should be aware of the studies that exist that show the power of healing yourself naturally!  I spent months pouring over cancer research after my Mother was diagnosed this past Spring, and I am passionate about helping others win their fight against cancer.   So take some time and visit the site: http://www.cancersquad.com/

I will be adding new information and studies on a regular basis as I find them, as well as blog posts from cancer survivors and medical professionals.  The site will probably never feel “finished” to me…there is just so much amazing information out there, but I think it now has enough on it for me to share it as a resource with all of you.  It is my hope that anyone who is diagnosed with cancer, illness or disease of any kind will take the power back and realize they have the ability to change their mind and change their health.

So, check out the newest branch of Raw Is Sexy  – Cancer Squad!  (you know..like Geek Squad where they come and fix your computer???  Cancer Squad wants to help you fix YOU!)


Much Love!


Lovely comments!

  1. I’m so happy(and proud) that you did this. There is not enough of this information out there for the public. I really hope this helps a lot of people!

  2. I hope it does too. All I can do is keep telling the world everything I’ve learned and hope that it begins to click. It makes me so sad to see people without this information…or to see that people don’t even want to give it a shot…it saves lives. I’ve seen it. I’ve read it in study after study. We can heal ourselves using food as medicine. Using the laws of nature. People want it to be more complicated than that, but it isn’t. I hope the site helps those that are out there looking for answers…and I hope it reaches people who need it. Thanks for your support my fabulous brother!!! XOXOOXOXOXOOOXOX

  3. Great stuff Lauren…heading over there for a peek right now! 🙂 xox

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