Fun Fitness Weekend – September

As I mentioned last month, my best friend Jodi and I are having once a month Fun Fitness Weekends! This past weekend we headed to PRG – Philadelphia Rock Gym and both got certified in belaying and decided to tackle the high walls! It was Jodi’s first time up, and while she is deathly afraid scared of heights, she managed to get half way up the wall! Every climb up Jodi ascended higher than the climb before. She had to put all her trust in me, since I was the one belaying her (the belayer is the person who holds the rope and takes up the slack for the person climbing, and also prevents the climber from falling to their death) The rope is secured through my harness, and after an extremely thorough lesson by the lovely Lauren (another Lauren!) who works at PRG, I was definitely ready and confident in my belaying abilities. Jodi was so afraid of the wall height that she was shaking from head to toe – but she pushed through and did it! Jodi ROCKED that wall.

Climbing is such a mental sport – we are all physically capable…but mentally you can easily psyche yourself out of reaching for that next hold on the wall. You think “oh I won’t make it” or “my hand will miss and I’ll fall” but you have to remember that your partner on the ground who is belaying you, has you, and you aren’t going to go anywhere if you let go. You’ll just dangle in the air. You really have to trust that person and double check each others harness, knots, etc.

Lauren who works at PRG taught us the lingo – when one person is ready to climb they say “On belay” and the belayer says, “Belay on!” or – the cool version that PRG-Lauren taught us where the climber says, “On rock” and the belayer says, “Rock on!”

It wasn’t my first time at this particular rodeo so I shot up the wall like a spider monkey! (I really just wanted to say spider monkey lol) Twice! At about 75% way up, my feet and legs started shaking. All mental. You realize just how high you are and that fear can just shoot through your body. I refused to look down though, I just kept looking up and thinking, “which hold do I grab next..what’s next…ok that one…now this one… now this one… almost there, might as well just keep going!”


It’s amazing the power the mind has to control the body. Climbing is definitely addictive. Each route on the wall has different levels of difficulty, and you can keep going back over and over to try out new ones! They also move the holds and add new routes so things are always changing. 
OH! I almost forgot to mention that Jodi almost dropped me. I almost plunged to my death. No seriously, Jodi purposely accidentally let a little too much slack out at once when she was lowering me down and I, not expecting to fall that quickly, let out a SHREEEEEEK!!! At which the entire rock gym went silent, and everyone stared. Haha! Not sure when I’ll live that one down.


After climbing we had a Raw Is Sexy Soirée! (more info on my Sexy Soirées coming soon at the tab at the top!) We made lots of yummy raw dips, spreads, wraps, and a fabulous pumpkin spice smoothie – all raw! I think my guests were pleasantly surprised! I love introducing raw food to people and my friend Alicia said, “I didn’t expect to like the food! But this is awesome!” In my pre-party prep rushing around, I neglected to pull out my camera. Rookie mistake that I will not be making again. But I WILL be making those fantastic raw wraps again in the next couple days so I will get step by step photos up for you shortly!


Sunday, Jodi and I headed out to French Creek State Park in PA, and did a bit of hiking. It was a foggy, misty, almost England-weather type day, but we rocked it out in our baseball caps and workout attire. I love getting outside to hike or trail run – my legs always feel different when I am hiking on a continually changing terrain, versus running on a flat road or on the treadmill (“dreadmill” as Jodi calls it) at the gym.

All in all it was an awesome fitness weekend, we definitely packed a LOT into 36 hours and I can’t wait for the next one! More photos from the weekend coming soon! Jodi was better about taking photos this time than I was, so she’s got the goods! 🙂

You can visit Jodi’s blog at: Live Free and Run

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  2. I’m glad you guys tackled the walls at PRG, and got trained to belay. Rock on!
    We’ll have to go again soon.
    The soirée was awesome. All the food was amazing, and so ridiculously good for you.
    Side note: I was at Tim & Alicia’s yesterday and she showed me that she just bought 3 of the raw books you recommended, so… clearly you made quite an impression. 🙂

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