Ladies, there is only one word you need to remember when looking for the perfect bra. 


Guys, there is only one place to take your lady for a free bra fitting that will rock her world.


Say it with me now…INTIMACY!

Today, I had what I would easily call a life changing experience.  I went to the newly opened Intimacy store located in the King of Prussia Mall in PA for a free bra fitting.  I heard all about Intimacy on the local radio show Preston and Steve yesterday.  They were saying how a bra fitting at Intimacy was life changing and threw around words like “The Bra Whisperer”.  My inner detective came out and I googled the heck out of Intimacy.  After reading several articles full of high praise and discovering that Susan Nethero (the owner) trained under the Queen of England’s royal bra fitter, I immediately made my appointment online at    I had to check it out.  Curiosity got the best of me. Come on…do you think the Queen of England wears an uncomfortable bra?  I think not.  Susan Nethero was on Oprah for cryin out loud.  Oprah has amazing boobs.  If Oprah says a bra is beyond fantastic, I’m going to at least take a peek!

My only concern from the start was money.  I’ve been purchasing from Victoria’s Secret faithfully for years and their bras always run around $40 to $50 each.  What if these cost more?  I wasn’t really willing to spend more money for just a bra (usually I’m spending my money on organic produce)…but I had to go see for myself anyway.

I headed to the mall on my lunch hour from work.  I met the amazing Angel, who had flown in from the Intimacy store in Chicago just last night to help out at the new King of Prussia location.  Angel was friendly, warm, with a kind smile and made me feel very comfortable right from the start.  She explained that their bra fitting process is a holistic one: no measuring tape is used.  She based her measurement of my fabulous tatas off of the current bra I was wearing, and by looking at how that fit me.   She nailed my actual size – the size that I should have been wearing, in seconds flat.

She just looked at me and knew what size I was.  I thought, okay…this will be interesting.  She returned back to my dressing room with an arm full of the most beautiful colorful bras I’ve seen in quite some time.  She had me turn so that my back was facing her, I removed my current bra, and then she gracefully took a new Intimacy bra, went over my head with it, had me put my arms through the straps and then  had me lean forward a bit so that I got the “girls” in there, and then she secured it from behind me.  Smooth Operator!  For anyone who is super modest or isn’t comfortable with other people seeing you topless – this is the bra fitting for you! Angel knew exactly what she was doing and is a true professional in every sense of the word.

First bra on.  I looked in the mirror.  

Oh. My. God.  

I didn’t even feel like I was wearing a bra!  “Look at your posture!” Angel said.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was standing up perfectly straight, the girls were not spilling out of anything, and the bra was so comfortable and gorgeous I could have walked out of there without a shirt on…and I seriously thought about it. 😉

I learned so much in that fitting about how a bra is really supposed to fit you: the straps on your shoulders should not be carrying the weight, it’s the bands around your ribs that are supposed to do the majority of the supporting.   I’ve never IN MY LIFE tried on a bra that fit me like this.  This bra fit me like it was made just for me.  The way the Intimacy bras are designed is amazing!

Curious about size?  I’ll give you the low-down… I’ve been wearing a 34D.  That’s what Victoria’s Secret measured me at -twice- and that is what I’ve been wearing.  At my Intimacy fitting, I discovered that I am, in fact, a 32F.  

Those are European sizes, so an F translates to about a DD in American sizing.   And for strapless, I could even wear a 30F.  Angel commented on how small my back was and that a 34 was just too big for me.  She was so right.   I came down a back size, and went up a cup size and the fit is PERFECT.  It’s beyond perfect. I tried on bra after bra after bra and they were all amazing.

I tried on a strapless bra and jumped up and down in it and it DID NOT MOVE.  It didn’t fall down.  It didn’t slip down an inch to my ribs.  It didn’t MOVE and it was so incredibly comfortable.  I think I was in shock. I’ve been wearing the wrong size for years and didn’t know it.  I just figured that since I have larger tatas, that being uncomfortable in a bra or not being able to find a good strapless bra was just something I had to deal with.  I was so wrong.

I wanted to take them all home – including Angel because she rocks.  Then I checked the price. They all ran between about $79 and $120 for the ones I had tried on.  I couldn’t afford them all at the moment, so I bought one (which I split between 2 credit cards – hey, I just bought a ton of organic produce yesterday, I was low on funds!) and put the rest of the bras on my personal Intimacy Profile at the store so that when I go back they know exactly the ones that I want.  My own profile! In their system!  How cool!  There are at least 5 other bras that I plan on getting – and yes, they do cost more than Victoria’s Secret, but they are worth every penny.

I went into this experience thinking there was no way I would spend that kind of money on “just a bra”…but these aren’t JUST bras.  This changed my life.  I would pay triple what they cost.  I would split it between 10 credit cards and eat carrots for a month if it meant I could get a few more bras from Intimacy.  They feel so amazing on, they’re beautiful from the colors to the fabrics to the luxurious lace detailing, they look fantastic under all kinds of clothing and fabrics, and they give you major confidence.  I had a huge smile on my face wearing that bra in the dressing room.  You have to experience this for yourself.  They change the way you carry yourself.  They make you feel taller and thinner.  Your tata’s will feel so great in these bras.  It was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders…literally.  I can’t say it enough.  Intimacy bras are incredible.  So much so, that I called a bunch of people when I left Intimacy and told them all to go get a fitting!  

Angel told me she had to go back to the Chicago store and wouldn’t be in town next week when I go back, but she gave me her card and her email and told me to contact her with any questions I might have etc.  

Now that is awesome customer service! You know what else is amazing customer service? At Intimacy, they will do alterations or repairs to your bra for FREE for the life of your bra!  WHHHAAAT???!!!!  Yes.  Yes.  Yes. Yes. YES!  

I’ve never written about a bra.
I’ve never had a reason to, until now.  
Raw Is Sexy is all about helping people feel amazing and beautiful from the inside out.  My experience at Intimacy today, did just that.  I felt amazing and beautiful.  I felt relieved.  I felt excited.  I felt sexy.  As women, we should not have to deal with adjusting bras all day long, tugging at straps, feeling weighed down, feeling like something just doesn’t fit right, spilling out, sliding off, pulling up… I’ve been doing that for years.   I don’t have to any longer.  You don’t have to any longer either!

Head on over to the Intimacy website and schedule your free fitting.  It will change your life.   Guys – take your ladies there!  Seriously.  You can thank me later.  🙂

Lovely comments!

  1. I doubt I have one near me but I’m going to check out that website anyway!

    I’m really picky about the way bras fit and I never wear the right size because “the right size” either makes them look pointy or far apart… or both! 🙁

  2. There is Dallas and Houston! Maybe you can check out one of those? It’s SO worth it!!! 🙂

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Diet and exercise are important, but if your boobs aren’t equally optimized, then you really are missing out on the total effect. They may be pricey bras, but they’re cheaper than plastic surgery!!! Try the sports bras they carry there too – my “fitter” explained that when you run, your boobs do “figure 8’s” – and the uniboob style bra doesn’t give them support they need – which can lead to more droopage. ANYWAYS – great post. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been going to Intimacy Chicago for years (I just moved to Austin, so I’ll be making my yearly pilgrimage to Dallas now) and cannot say enough good things about their service and merchandise.

    My bras are pricier than the one you purchased, but I buy 3-4 a year plus the lingerie cleaner, and they last. Really last. I’m actually saving money because I’m not buying cheap bras every month.

    I’ll never buy bras anywhere else. They are just fantastic.

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