10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It seems to be going around the blogging world – 10 things you might not know about me!  I’ve seen it on a few blogs now, including my fab friend Jodi at Gypsy Girl and that inspired me to write me own!  I’ve also officially reached 100 POSTS!  This will be post number 101.  Here goes.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1. Reverse psychology works on me. …and I am usually very aware of when someone is using reverse psychology on me, but it still works. Tell me I can’t do something, I’ll do everything I can to prove you wrong. I’m competitive and stubborn. I’m a Taurus. We’re known for our bullheaded-ness. But I’m also extremely laid back and mellow. I don’t sweat the small things. If you ask me where I want to go to dinner, I’m cool with flipping a coin to decide between 2 places. Tell me I can’t do something though, and the laidback version of me vanishes.

2. I’m a born again Christian. I’m not one for labels, but that’s one that I’ll wear. Now if you told me 5 years ago that I would be a born again Christian some day, I would have laughed…IN YOUR FACE!!!! I went to all-girl Catholic school from Kindergarten until 8th grade. I had long questioned certain teachings of Catholicism and felt disenchanted and disconnected from the whole thing. I ended up walking away from the church through a long series of life events. I studied Taoism and Buddhism while I was at Bennington College in Vermont. I was just a “spiritual” person if you had asked me then. Sure, I prayed. I believed in God. But if you had uttered the words “born again Christian” I would have envisioned bible-beating delusional happy people. I didn’t know what that was about. What the heck were they so freakin’ happy about? And what the heck does “born again” mean anyway? You are only born once, right? What are these crazy people talking about? Then life happened…and Jesus rocked my socks. Now I get it. No, I’m not going to chase you around with a bible. But, I couldn’t be happier, more excited, more thankful, and feel more lucky than I do to have Christianity in my life and in my heart. God rocks. ‘Nuff said.

3. I could live on dark chocolate, olives and red wine. I could. Really…and maybe some raw almond nut butter.

4. I love the water. Get me to an ocean STAT! I never feel more relaxed, more alive, more at peace than I do when I am standing in front of the ocean. I could never live in the middle of the country because of this….I need to be within a 2 hour drive to the ocean. It’s not negotiable. Surfing, jumping waves, sailboats, sleeping on the sand…ahhhhhhhhhh 😀 Happiness.

5. Going Raw taught me how to Cook! Does that make any sense? Having to learn to make meals from just whole, raw veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds taught me about flavor combinations, presentation, herbs, etc. When nothing comes in a bag or a box, and everything is a whole food, you have to start thinking about how to put meals together. I’m only about 70 percent raw – I definitely steam veggies and make soups from scratch and last night I even baked spaghetti squash and acorn squash and somehow came up with a pumpkin pie-esque dessert recipe in the process! I have so much fun in the kitchen now…I love cooking and un-cooking.

6. I’m a minimalist. I can’t think or function in a cluttered space. I don’t like a lot of “things” around. I think our homes are our sanctuaries…at least I like mine to be. If I don’t use something, I give it away. If I haven’t worn a shirt within a year, I give it to someone or donate it to Goodwill. Less is definitely more in my book…with one exception: shoes. I love shoes. 😀

7. Someday I want to sleep in a hut over the ocean…in the Maldives.

8. I would live in the south of France in a heartbeat. I would carry a baguette. I would eat chocolate croissants for breakfast. I would ride on a scooter in a dress to nightclubs to go dancing. I would be completely nude on nude beaches and eat Nutella out of the jar. Side note – I’ve already DONE all of that in the south of France and I would happily do it again. Every day. For the rest of my life.

9. I was born in the wrong decade. While I love being an independent and successful woman on my own – and think everyone should always be able to hold their own in life, I love the guy that opens doors. Or holds your hand. Or leads you into a room. I love chivalry. I’m a hopeless romantic. I love how people used to dress in the 20’s and 50’s. Not that I want to wear a dress every day, but you know what I mean. When Harry Met Sally is my favorite movie. If you could combine When Harry Met Sally with Casablanca with Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Gladiator (and Wedding Crashers – come on – I wanna laugh too), that would be my perfect world – and man. I also love modern things, but I’m really secretly a tree hugging hippie. Maybe there isn’t a *right* decade for me after all.


10. Jack: “If they want to drink Merlot, we’re drinking Merlot.”

      Miles: “No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any f*cking Merlot!”

      ………So I hope you have another red wine on hand.

      Because…well…what he said.

From the movie Sideways:

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