Raw Fruity Treats

Whip up these kid friendly simple treats in no time flat.

You can use just about any fruit, but I went with green apples and bananas.

Add to that:  Raw Nut Butter, Raw Honey, and Raw Chocolate (also known as raw cacao nibs – which are the equivalent to chocolate chips, only these are the REAL unprocessed deal!)  If you don’t have raw cacao nibs, just use DARK chocolate!

I sliced up a green apple, spread raw honey on top and sprinkled cacao nibs on it.

I sliced up a banana, added raw almond nut butter and sprinkled cacao nibs on that too!


You’re DONE.

Yes, it’s that easy.  

Easy, nutritious and delicious!  You can chop these into smaller pieces, and add toothpicks to them as a fun party finger food!

Lovely comments!

  1. Do you go to a specialty grocery store? Is it a big chain? I am looking for some new places to get some whole, healthy groceries.. WalMart keeps failing me. 😉
    This looks delicious.. I am definitely going to try it!!

  2. Hi Marilyn – what town do you live in? I’ll do a search for you and tell you where I would recommend going. I used to live in Pennsylvania but I moved to San Diego, CA this past January. I go to Trader Joes (really cheap organic bananas, almond butters and fruits) and I go to Henrys Farmers Market out here (great sales on organic veggies) and for the special items I check Whole Foods. You can also order raw cacao and nibs from amazon.com online and they are usually a great price.

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