Sweet Potato Mash

I love sweet potatoes.  I’ve always loved them more than white potatoes, and I’ve always loved them on Thanksgiving covered in sugar, butter, and everything else that isn’t fabulous for you.  Crazy how we’ve managed to take something incredibly healthy – a potato – and ruin it with the way in which we prepare it and how we top it!

Here is a fresh take on mashed potatoes – and it is DELICIOUS! Try this recipe on for size at your thanksgiving dinner.  It will be a crowd pleaser!

SWEET POTATO MASH  (or mashed sweet potatoes) 😀

Gather your sweet potatoes!  (or yams – some places this word is interchangeable and means exactly the same thing)


I like to steam them instead of boiling them…I feel it keeps more of the nutrients in tact.  You can also put them in the oven if you like until they are soft enough to get a knife through them. 

I put my little old-skool steamer in pan with about an inch of water and arranged the potatoes.  Covered with foil and steamed for 15-20 minutes.

After about 15-20 minutes they look like this:

They are now just soft enough to cut into smaller pieces!  You can see they are still pretty raw throughout the middle of the potatoes.

Place potatoes right into your food processor and pulse for a little to break the potatoes up.   Then I added 3 simple ingredients – organic olive oil, sea salt, and pumpkin pie spice.   I used about 3 tablespoons of olive oil for my 5 potatoes.  If you are making this for a large group and doubling or tripling the potatoes, you’ll want to adjust the amount of olive oil, salt and spice accordingly.

After you have pulsed the potatoes in the food processor, BLEND!  I let the food processor run for a few minutes until everything looked smooth and creamy.   You could also add almond milk or a nut milk to make it even creamier.  I skipped that though and they turned out just great with olive oil!

Now for the best part – EATING!

This is such a simple recipe, super nutritious and filling!  I ended up eating this bowl of sweet potatoes for dinner over 3 days.  So good.  The pumpkin pie spice really makes it feel like Thanksgiving!   I hope you will consider adding this to your Thanksgiving menu!

***SIDE NOTE: If you do NOT have a food processor, don’t worry!  Just steam the sweet potatoes longer to make them softer, place in a bowl and mash the way you would regular mashed potatoes.  Add olive oil and spices listed above!   You can also peel and bake them in the oven until soft enough to mash.***  


Lovely comments!

  1. YUM! I love sweet potato mash and have it every couple of weeks…delish!

    Thanks for sharing. Love the colour!!

  2. 🙂 isn’t it the best???!!!!!!! I think I could eat it every day.

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