What Gets You Groovin?

What kind of music do you workout to? Sometimes I think that the music I run to is crazy…or that if other people heard it, they’d think..how on earth does she run to THAT?  I think workout music is a very personal thing.  Sometimes it isn’t – say…in an aerobics class or spinning class where it’s just a crazy pumped up beat to keep you going energizer bunny style.  But when you are on your own, running outside, riding your bike, working out in the gym, what you listen to is what keeps you moving.  I can’t workout alone without music.  I can workout with someone else without music…but not alone.

Yesterday I went into the gym with the intent of running a 5k on the treadmill.  That’s around 3.2 miles I think..between 3.1 and 3.2 miles.  I work out all the time and I run all the time, but I do a lot of run-walking or sprint-walking…and I could probably do miles and miles and miles of that.  I haven’t done a lot of running-forever-without-ever-stopping.  Did I make it to the 5k mark without stopping or slowing down? 



At 2.8 I stopped and I wasn’t even tired. The evil side stitch of doom reared it’s ugly head below my right rib cage.  It was too late for me to breathe it out or try to relax and stretch it out mid-stride.  I was done.  I was mad.  I stared at that silly 2.8 thinking, “you should be a 3.2”.   So tonight – it will be a 3.2  Even if I have to wince the last lap through a crappy side stitch it’s going to be a 3.2.    I was running just over a 9 minute mile which isn’t fabulous but it’s not terrible either.  

The music I was listening to definitely helped me along.  Five songs on repeat.  Who does that?  Who keeps replaying the same 5 songs? Me. That’s who.  A lot of music, for me, is about lyrics.  If something I am listening to lights a fire inside me, in some way, I can run to it.  Doesn’t matter if the song is slower than what you would expect someone to run to.  It’s all about what the song does to me mentally…because your thoughts turn into feelings, and your feelings turn into action.  So if a little 3 minute song can get me in the right kick-ass-work-out mind set, that’s a pretty cool thing.

My play list yesterday was:

  • Dustland Fairytale – The Killers
  • Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Shove – Angels and Airwaves
  • Crossfire – Brandon Flowers
  • Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

Obviously my iPod consists of many more songs, but those 5 somehow keep me running lately. 

(Don’t even get me started on the Elliptical – that’s an entirely different set list of hip-hop-dance-fantastic – I have to keep myself in line so I don’t start dancing mid-workout…Burn After Reading style)

This week my running list will change a bit…I might keep one or two of those, but the effect tends to wear off after a few days of that particular musical combination.

What music do YOU workout to? Any go-to songs?  What does it for you?

A FOOD Note:  A Healthy Thanksgiving is coming early!  New recipe each week to get you ready for your healthiest-YUMMIEST (without the food-coma) Thanksgiving ever.  Imagine Thanksgiving Dinner, followed by family fun and lots of football (where you actually go OUTSIDE AND PLAY FOOTBALL with your family too – not just watch it)  followed by lots of hot sex with your significant other.  

Well, that’s what happens when you eat high-raw and healthy.  MMMMHMMM!  You don’t pass out 20 minutes after dinner.
You don’t.

So tonight’s recipe is Sweet Potato Mash!  Or Mashed Sweet Potatoes!  I’ll follow that with raw cranberry sauce, raw stuffing, raw apple pie, an lovely autumnal salad, and something with pumpkin..I haven’t yet decided.   Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging for Thanksgiving!


Happy Monday!

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