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Cereal Change Up!

Love cereal? Why not eat the healthiest version of it you can create (without it tasting like cardboard!) It’s time for a Cereal Change Up! Instead of cereal as the base, we will use fruit.  I’m going with a banana and a pear today.  Feel free to use anything you like: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples, etc. Once you have placed your fruit into the bowl, then add a scoop of your cereal on top. I am having Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Cereal!  It’s my favorite.  I also added in some organic raisins on my own – I just poured the raisins

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Raw Sexy Tropical Smoothie

Baby, it’s cold outside.Well, at least it is here in Philly.  I’m a sunshine girl, so I pretend it’s summer a lot.  I’m still wearing flip flops.  I’m playing Brazilian music, and I’m drinking coconut water.  Nevermind that it’s 30 some degrees out.  This girl isn’t buyin it.To further enhance my “pretend summer”, I thought a Raw, Healthy, Delicious summer drink was in order.World, meet the Raw Sexy Tropical Smoothie.  Smoothie, meet World.You’ll need a banana.You’ll need an orange.You’ll need a young coconut (or if you don’t have one, organic coconut oil will do the job just fine)You’ll need a

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The 12 Days of Raw and Sexy

On December 1st, I’ll be starting a series called The 12 Days of Raw and Sexy.    Most people wait until New Years to make a diet change, or a “be more active” New Years Resolution.  I don’t want you to wait until January 1st.  Life is right now, why not begin…now?  It takes the average person 4 to 5 weeks for new diet and exercise habits to become part of your natural behavior, but most people give up before then, and therefore, they never make it to that point where it feels natural, easy, and part of your routine.

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How To: Open A Young Coconut!

Thirsty???Did you have too much wine on Thanksgiving?  One too many beers?  Well, before you reach for that sports drink,  reach for a young coconut!  One cup-full of coconut water contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks and more potassium than a banana.  Some of you may be used to hearing it called coconut-milk, but I call it coconut water – since it’s clear, and looks like water.   I avoided buying these forever because I never knew how to open them.  My friend Tiffany at Oasis Living Cuisine – (Raw Food Cafe here in Pennsylvania)  showed me one day, and now

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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!   Mine was great, I was able to spend it with my family and we all hung out and chatted for hours.  I think that’s what I like so much about Thanksgiving.  The food is always great, of course, but it’s the one holiday where everyone stays and hangs out.  No one is in a rush to get anywhere.  It makes me happy.We had the traditional Thanksgiving fare, but of the organic – whole foods variety.  Steamed asparagus, cranberry sauce made from scratch using just only organic fruits, my fabulous raw mashed sweet

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You Are Sexy!

See that Tab above?  The one that says “YOU ARE SEXY!” ???  I want you to click on that. Read it. Then post your comment at the bottom of that page. 🙂

Raw Sexy San Fran Update!

Hello Raw and Sexy Peeps! Just a quick update from San Fran while I have computer access…LOVE this city and surrounding areas!  Spending time in Northern California and loving it.  Some of the main differences that I’ve noticed so far, food wise, are the amazing restaurants!   There is so much variety here and so many local shops and local cafes, local natural food stores, etc etc…and the people here support that so much, that I have not seen much fast food at ALL.  I saw one McDonald’s tonight and it looked so out of place.  Every town seems to have

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My Bags Are (almost) Packed

Heading to San Fran tomorrow! Excited.Smiling.Excited. Not looking forward to the airport… or TSA. I’m refusing to walk through the little radiation-giving, xray-photo naked picture taking- machine. REFUSE.OPT OUT. I read all this STUFF about how it increases cancer, causes cataracts, just all sorts of NOT GOOD. And I won’t do it. Honestly.  I’d be more willing to walk through security in a bikini.  I would.  Tell everyone to wear undies on the plane.  No problem.  Give me some flip flops and my bikini and I’ll fly like that. You will know I’m not carrying anything. But walk though a

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