A Glass of Sunshine

This morning I had half a glass of green juice – kale, lemon, ginger, celery … followed by 16 ounces of juice made from kale, carrots, beets, and celery.

I am totally full.  That was a few hours ago and I am still not hungry.  You might find that strange considering that all I had was juice.  But drinking fresh veggie juice is quite different than drinking a glass of standard orange juice in the morning.  When you make veggie juice using a juicer, you strip the pulp and fiber from the veggies and get straight nutrients in a glass.   It’s almost like drinking a glass of sunlight.  The sun is what makes plants green in color… grasses, leafy greens, veggies, fruits, they all contain energy from the sun.   When you juice them yourself and fill a tall glass with all of those nutrients, your body gets everything it needs.  Hunger vanishes.

Ever wonder why you could eat a large bagel or a big bowl of oatmeal and still feel hungry 2 hours later?  It’s because you didn’t give your body all the nutrients it needs.  Your body sends you hunger signals because it wants the proper nutrients.   This is one of the reasons why people can tend to over eat if they aren’t eating natural, nutrient rich, whole foods from the earth.

Instead, drink a tall glass of fresh, sunshine-filled, nutrient dense veggie juice and you will be set for hours.  Not only that, but you’ll be bursting with raw, natural energy.  

So skip that bowl of sugary cereal.  Skip that bagel.  (Have you ever thought about how many pieces of bread you would have to squish together to make a bagel?!?! Would you eat 5 or 6 pieces of bread in a row?  Probably not.)  

Buy yourself a juicer if you haven’t already.  (Visit my resources tab for info)
Visit a local organic juice bar if you are skeptical.  Find a raw restaurant and try out one of their fresh veggie juices.  See how you feel. 

It will be the best gift you can give your body this holiday season.

Cheers to your Raw and Sexy health!


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