Mini Cabbage Wraps

Need a quick and super easy lunch or dinner idea?  Don’t we all!

Try these mini cabbage wraps!  You can switch up the veggies so that it suits your own personal tastes, but this is what I went with…
Cabbage, mushrooms, asparagus and tomato  

Take 2 cabbage leaves and lay them together so that they overlap about an inch or two at the edges.

Fill them with your veggies of choice (not too much though – or you won’t be able to close the wrap!)
I’m pretty much addicted to spicy dijon mustard (eventually I’ll make my own from scratch some day, but for now… I love Trader Joe’s – very little ingredients and it gives a massive kick of flavor!)
I also like to add a few drops of Raw Soy Sauce or Nama Shoyu as it’s called…
Yummmmmmmm!  Okay, now for the wrapping part.  Just fold the sides of the cabbage leaf inward until they overlap one another.  Eat immediately, or secure closed with a toothpick! 
These are so good, and SO good FOR you! 

So take whatever veggies you have and put them together in your own way!  Get creative and have fun!

Keep it Raw and Sexy!


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