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Raw Sexy Challenge – Day 7

Last night I got my workout in and lots of veggified goodness!  This morning I woke up super hungry, maybe it was the workout last night or maybe it was the fact that it was 20 degrees outside and my body decided it needed something warm and filling since most people hibernate for the winter 😉 I made a bowl of organic oats, mixed with organic strawberries and a teaspoon of raw almond nut butter. Lunch was a massive green smoothie made with spring water, spirulina, spinach, a banana and berries.  I had a handful of raw brazil nuts for

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A Raw Is Sexy Giveaway!

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like to give something away to my Raw Sexy Readers!  I am giving away one Raw Is Sexy Phone Consultation!  Do you want to overhaul your lifestyle?  Want to get healthy?  Looking to switch to a high raw lifestyle or just eat more veggies?  Want to amp up your fitness? I can help.  One lucky reader will win a free phone consultation with me plus lots of extras – check out the consultation tab above to see what is included!     How to win it?  It’s simple – just post your answer to this question in the

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12 Days of Raw and Sexy Challenge – Day 6

It’s Monday, Day 6 of the 12 Days of Raw and Sexy clean healthy whole foods eating!  How did you do over the weekend?  I had a work holiday party to attend, so I got a little off track Saturday evening (Check out my post on How To Survive A  Holiday Party!) but I woke up craving veggies this morning so getting back on track seems easy.I had lots of water with lemon this morning and made a green smoothie with banana, 2 cups of spinach, strawberries and spring water to bring to work.Anxious to get a workout in this evening,

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How to Survive a Holiday Party – Raw and Sexy Style!

I attended a work holiday party last night at this cool spot in Philly called Swanky Bubbles, hence why you didn’t see my clean eating list for yesterday – I was super busy all day long! Last night’s party was an epic success, which is why I want to share it with you.  I know how tough it can be for someone who is trying to eat healthy to navigate the holiday season.  It begins with Halloween candy (and leftover candy), then to Thanksgiving feasts (and leftovers), then to Christmas dinners (and leftovers) and then New Years…  and in between

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12 Days of Raw and Sexy Challenge – Day 3

Good Morning My Raw and Sexy Peeps! We are onto day 3 of our 12 days of clean clean raw sexy whole food eating!!!!!!!! Do you like brussel sprouts?I do.  I like every single veggie with the exception of onions (Well, I like onions but they don’t like me)  When I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday I came across the coolest thing ever… THIS! Brussel sprouts still attached to their stem-tree-like-thing-a-ma-jigger 🙂 How cool is that?!  So I bought one (they’re pretty huge and it was just $3), snapped the brussel sprouts off, lightly steamed them (I steam just until the

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12 Days of Raw and Sexy Challenge – Day 2

It’s Day TWO!  Marvelous miraculous day two! Did you make it through the day yesterday eating only whole foods?  Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, – you know, the fabulous foods that grow from the earth?   Did you manage to drink lots of water?  Did you avoid eating anything processed? YES?  GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!No?  Well, today is a new day and I KNOW you can do it. I did it – and if I can do it, YOU can do it! I had a big bowl of chopped broccoli and avocado for dinner and I added some nama shoyu (raw soy sauce) and

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12 Days Of Raw & Sexy Challenge – DAY 1

It’s HERE!!!!!!!!  DAY 1 of the 12 Days of Raw and Sexy!  Check my previous posts if you’d like to join in! The time to begin your clean eating and be well on your way to a healthy, sexy, fabulous 2011! This morning I started out with 32 ounces of  lemon water.  I made it last night and put it in the fridge so it was waiting for me when I woke up this morning!Then I prepared a bowl of sliced organic pears, some organic raisins, a quarter cup of Ezekiel sprouted grain cereal and a teaspoon of raw almond

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Detoxifying Lemon Water

Start your morning off right with cool, refreshing tumeric lemon water! Lemon is like soap for the inside of your body.  It is a great detox weapon!  It helps your body eliminate toxins.  It cleanses your cells.  Tumeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so I like to add a dash. It also adds that beautiful sunny color. It’s easy to make a pitcher of this every night before you go to bed, so that you have it there the next day to enjoy.  You can also make other infused waters with cucumbers, mint leaves, berries, and other citrus.