Parsnip Pecan Breakfast

Remember the days of Cream of Wheat?  Or oatmeal with everything?  It’s just about winter here in PA and the cold weather has already made itself known.  I find myself wanting to eat warm bowls of oatmeal for breakfast every morning – and although that’s not a terrible thing, it’s not a great thing either.  When the weather is warm, all I want is green juice and fruit for breakfast, not big bowls of oats.  I don’t live outside in the woods, so it really makes me wonder why my appetite changes in the winter.  Natural tendency?  Survival instincts kicking in?  I’m not sure.   What I do know, is that I want a warm breakfast alternative that is grain-free.   

Start with parsnips!  They look like this:
Rinse them, peel them if you like, and chop them up – I used about 5 or 6 and it made a massive bowl that will last several days.  Now you can lightly steam them before you chop them if you prefer, or you can just chop them raw, it’s totally up to you.
Take your chopped parsnips and put them in the food processor with the S blade in the bottom.  Add a half cup of almond milk.   Pulse a few times to break up the larger pieces.  Then press “on” and let it run until it is a smooth consistency.  You will have to stop, scrape the sides, and add more almond milk as you go.
When everything is a smooth consistency, add a drizzle of agave.  You can skip this step if you are avoiding sugar.  You could also add stevia or dates to sweeten.    
When it’s finished in the food processor, it looks like this!
I added raw pecans on top.  You can also add fruit, sliced bananas, berries, etc.   This was so so good.  
Keepin it RAW and SEXY!

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  1. I dont think that I’ve ever had a parsnip. but this looks good, I like a sweet breakfast. Good call!

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