Raw Apple Pie

So healthy, you can eat it for BREAKFAST!

That’s right.  Don’t you just love dessert that you can eat any time of day?  Breakfast included?  I sure do.  When I come upon one, I feel the need to tell everyone about it.  So here it is, a raw apple pie.

For the CRUST:
1 cup of dates
2 cups of raw pecans

For the FILLING:
6 organic pink lady apples
1 cup of organic blackberries
1 handful of organic raisins

For the SYRUP: (that you soak the apple-filling mixture in overnight)
1 orange (peel it)
1 handful of blackberries
1/4 cup of raw agave (or you can use dates)
Generous shake of cinnamon

I peeled the 6 apples and put them through the food processor.  I put them all in a large pot for mixing purposes.

I took the dates, pitted them, and soaked them for about 20 minutes in a bowl of spring water.  I took my pie dish and dusted it with a generous sprinkle of ground raw flax meal so that the pecan-date crust wouldn’t stick to the pie dish.  You could also put almonds in the food processor until they become a fine dust and use that to dust the pie dish, but I had a lot of raw ground flax meal on hand so I just used that.

To make the syrup, take the orange, peel it, and toss it into the food processor.  Add a generous handful of blackberries and a big squeeze of agave (i’m guesstimating that it came to about a 1/4 cup of agave)

It looks like that!
Then pour that right onto the apples.  Add a generous shake of cinnamon. 


Add in a handful of blackberries and a handful of raisins.


Your filling is now done.  Take that apple mixture and place it in the refrigerator overnight.  That will allow the apples to absorb all of the flavors, as well as become softer in texture.

Now for the crust.

Remove the dates from the bowl of water.  Take the dates (which are now a bit softer) and the pecans and put them into the food processor.  My food processor container still had some syrup on it, but I just left that and didn’t rinse it off.  It adds a bit more flavor to the crust.  

Blend the pitted dates and pecans together.

Scoop the mixture out and pack it into a ball.  Set that in a bowl and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight as well. It helps the flavors to meld together and also helps firm up the crust.

The next morning, assemble the pie!  You could also prepare this in the morning, and assemble it at night for a dinner party.  I just happened to be making mine at night for a Christmas afternoon dinner the next day, but as long as you give the filling and crust a few hours to sit in the refrigerator, you should be good.

I pressed the crust into the dish.  (Remember to coat your pie dish with either raw flax meal or ground up raw nuts so that the crust doesn’t stick) Just start flattening it out with your hands like it was play-dough and then set it into the pie dish and press and press and press until it covers the bottom and sides evenly.

Then pour in the apple mixture.  I took more blackberries and arranged them around the pie dish and added a few on top.   Sprinkle the entire pie with a bit more cinnamon.


You’re done!  You’ve just made a raw apple pie!  Easy Smeeeaazy!  Time to EAT!

Now, I know it’s raw, but I like warm pie.  I put it in the oven just until the pie felt warm to the touch. Technically, that’s still raw (as long as the pie doesn’t get above 118 degrees).  You can eat it cold too if you like!

This is how it looked after a few minutes in the oven….and it got INHALED by my family.  My brother and I decided this was so good and healthy, that you can eat it for breakfast.  He took the last piece home with him.

This pie has a handful of ingredients.
It’s healthy!

  • Wheat-free.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Dairy-free.
  • Refined-sugar free.
  • Cellulite-free.

😀  The only fat is from the nuts and that’s a good fat!  The only sugar is from the dates and agave, and those are natural sugars!  This pie is a genius!

Now go buy some apples and make a pie.  Seriously, I might make another one tomorrow, but I’ll make it the size of TEXAS so that I can eat it every day for the next month. That’s how good this was.  Brother and Mother Tested and Approved!


Lovely comments!

  1. wow! looks incredible! i live in a place where blackberries (berries in general) don’t exist. what could i use as an alternative?

  2. Hmm… you could use ANY berry from blueberries to strawberries, but if you really don’t have ANY berries at all around you, I would go with grapes, kiwi, plums, peaches…. BUT, feel free to use frozen organic berries. I know it’s hard to find berries in season all the time, so frozen organic blueberries, raspberries, strawberries…what ever you could find, those would make a great substitute. Just let them defrost and then use them. Feel free to get your creative juices flowing! You can’t mess up! It’s your pie!!! 🙂 XOXO

  3. Yum.

  4. What a quilt-free way to eat RAW! Thanks for the terrific idea. Do you know how to make nut cheese? I had some nut cream cheese at a raw restaurant and have been missing cheese!

  5. i’m attempting to make this.. the prep took me 2 hours! =X 🙁 in my defense, i’ve never used my food processor before. haha. we’ll see how it turns out once i put it together!

  6. I loooove the looks of this recipe!! I really want to make it for my family in a few days when I visit them. But my niece has a severe nut allergy… Do you think that sunflower seeds would work as a replacement for nuts in the crust??

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