118 Degrees

If you are ever in So Cal, specifically Huntington Beach (or HB as it’s referred to here – seriously everything gets abbreviated…  When someone said they were going to PB, I wondered why anyone was going TO Peanut Butter.)…I digress….If you are ever in Huntington Beach you must visit…


118 Degrees.

Swanky, gourmet, delish, upscale, make mmmm sounds all through dinner, RAW Vegan Restaurant.

With things like THIS on their menu:

and then things like THIS on your plate:

some type of raw spring roll I think…

these were pistachio pesto stuffed mushrooms…incredible.
yup…those are RAW.

shitake mushroom salad (can you tell I like mushrooms???)
um hi. my name is delicious.
need I say more???
my sister ordered this…one was spicy, one was mild and one was sweet…not sure if these were raw enchiladas… but i think they were.

and now… ladies and gents, may I present to you what I ordered (and could only eat half of because it was GINORMOUS….) RAW Butternut Squash Ravioli.  Oh yes. I said it.

It was heaven on a plate…and massive! I had to take at least half of it home in a box.

They have so many desserts but we went with a light and lovely, simple dessert to top it all off… raw fondue 🙂

one vanilla dipping sauce, one chocolate…
luscious fruit

If you are looking for a new level of raw cuisine, take your raw sexy self to 118.


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  1. find me a place like this in the philly area, and i may just go raw 😉 this is the second time that i’ve drooled over this post. YUM.

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