The Jewel

That’s what La Jolla means…and for good reason.

I’ve never been anywhere that truly feels like a gem on earth.  I’ve only been here for a couple days…I’ve barely scratched the surface of this area, and I feel completely overwhelmed.  It’s beautiful.  All Of The Time.
What is up with that?!  I’m used to being cold 6 months out of the year.  I’m used to Philadelphia.  I’m used to the East Coast weather.
I feel relaxed even when I am stressed out.  
What could possibly stress me out?
Everything is new.
Which, while exciting and amazing and adventurous, is a little taxing for someone who is so used to being on top of everything.
I needed to find an Ikea.  Google.  Ikea found.  GPS on phone used (which by the way I’m not supposed to do – in Cali you aren’t even supposed to TOUCH your phone, so I really need a Garmin or other GPS system for my car)
I needed to find a Target. Google.  Target found.  GPS on phone used.
Phone battery dying.
I think…I need a car charger for this phone!  But where would I get one?  I don’t know where anything is.
I got lost twice today.
But I managed to find a farmers market called Henry’s so I stocked up on veggies.  Then in my “getting lost” I found a car wash, so my car that I shipped out here can now be shiny while parked next to a Bentley or Maserati.
Hey.  Shiny Hyundais are HOT.
Don’t knock it.
I know it’s technically only day 2.
I know it will take me a few weeks to feel everything out and get to really know the area and find my way around and not need GPS every single second.
But for someone like me, who takes on a lot and likes to get it all done in a timely manner, this is frustrating.

My roommates are amazing.  All super nice, considerate, friendly, and we like the same things!  Being active, being healthy, fashion, etc.  I went to a late yoga class tonight with them to unwind and relax.  Just as I was thinking about all of the things I still had to figure out, the Yogi says, “stay in the moment…don’t think about anything you have to do or places you need to be”  
The timing on that was perfect.

I have my Pure Barre test out coming up soon – that means I have to be able to teach a full 55 minute class to pass the test – and do a written test.  I haven’t been able to train much because of all the moving shenanigans.
So starting tomorrow, when I’m not working, I’ll be Pure Barre-ing.
I have so much respect for the PB teachers after going through the training in Denver…there is SO much that goes into teaching Pure Barre, and I really want to nail this test out, so I need to work my “seat” off.

I apologize for the sporadic blog posts – I should be totally settled in by the weekend and then I can get back to writing!  I’m waiting for my desk to be shipped, courtesy of Target, so I’m not typing from my bed, and I have a bunch of things to return to stores, errands to run, maps to buy…a compass to glue to my forehead, a strobe light for my car so people know I’m coming and have no clue what I am doing…

That’s the OTHER thing…driving.  It’s different here…at home I’m used to 2 lanes or 3… and here it’s 6.  Which means, if I have to exit and I’m out in the far passing lane, I need to get over 5 lanes to the right before my exit comes up.   

Hoping my Pennsylvania license plate is excuse enough for now and that the Cali drivers cut me some slack for a few days.

In the meantime.
I’ll try not to stress.
Because every morning and every evening, I get to look at this.

And who can stress when they get to look at this?

And I need to brush up on my Spanish.

Raw Food Posts coming this weekend!  Promise!

Lovely comments!

  1. Things will start to settle down eventually. It’s all part of the transition process… Sounds like you are well on your way though!! Photos are BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  2. Hey there! I’ve followed your blog for a while now and I live in Del Mar. It’s so cool to see my little corner of the world through new eyes! good luck during this exciting, albeit stressful, time.

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