As of tomorrow, I will have been in San Diego for two full weeks.  
A lot can happen in two weeks.  
A lot can un-happen in two weeks. 

Some things that I thought were true turned out..well, not to be.  Some things that I never thought would happen, happened.  These things are neither good nor bad in the sense that one might think…and I know they have all happened for a reason.  There are no accidents.  

I’ve made new friends.
Discovered new places.
Stared at the sun setting over the ocean in complete awe and wonderment.

I’m working on getting back into a routine which I really need in order to feel like me and less like I’m floating.
I signed up at a gym which is close enough for me to walk to. 
I’ve got my first Raw Is Sexy Soiree coming up in 2 weeks.
There is a local veggie place down the street called Juice Kaboose which makes amazing green juice and veggie meals (and I can walk to it).
I drove around in circles attempting to get lost in order to figure out where everything is and remember it – and my internal compass is getting better.
I went out dancing with the roomies and new friends…


I found this… just one of the amazing shops here in La Jolla.. it’s called We Olive.

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