We Olive ~ La Jolla, CA

Three things I could live on: olives, raw chocolate, red wine.

When I find a store dedicated to one of those items…I have to stop in.  To my delight, We Olive in La Jolla is a gem.  

In my last post, I talked about how herbs, spices, sauces, etc are so important in raw cuisine.  Olives, olive oils, balsamics etc can be part of making those sauces and dressings.  Olive oil, etc might not be raw, but it can be organic and all natural.  I’m not a huge advocate of telling people to be 100% raw (unless they have the drive, resources and means to do it), because that’s just too much for some people… and in my life, personally, I love balance.  I need balance.  My version of it anyway 🙂  It’s different for everyone.

I make lots of raw dishes, but I’m fine with using all natural organic ingredients like olive oil, even if it isn’t raw.  We Olive is incredible because their line of products, from olives to pesto, mustard to fig balsamic, are natural, local, organic, and DELICIOUS.

This wasabi sake mustard is to-die-for.  It made my nose run, but I couldn’t stop eating it.  The sun baked olives are divine, and the truffle oil... gasp!  The holy grail of all of them.  A little goes a long way and the flavor is so intense, it’s addictive.   They had toasted almonds covered in truffle oil and sea salt at We Olive.  I nearly ate the entire dish standing in line waiting to pay for my items.  That is a recipe I will soon replicate, only the almonds will be raw.  

The wasabi sake mustard is so good – if you are adventurous, I recommend trying to make that one at home! 

The tall dark We Olive bottle in the back – now that is a genius idea.  We Olive sells their own refillable glass bottles.  You purchase a bottle, decide what kind of olive oil or balsamic you’d like (I went with the fig balsamic and it’s amazing.  Like a syrupy dessert balsamic almost, with this lingering tangy fig taste…) and they will fill and professionally seal the bottle for you.  When the bottle is empty – just bring it back to We Olive and get it refilled.  Genius Genius Genius.

We Olive lets you taste test every single item in the shop.  From pesto, mustard, olive oil, olives, balsamic, truffle oils.. you name it, you can try it  before you buy it.  

On top of all that, as if that wasn’t enough, you will have a first class view of the ocean while shopping and snacking. 

The staff is friendly, warm and helpful.  But what else would you expect from people who get to work with these amazing natural foods all day long (and have a view of the ocean?!)

We Olive is a very welcomed addition to La Jolla.

It’s a must see – must taste – will love.


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  1. That is what I love about your blog. BALANCE! Amazing. I just started a blog (yours is gonna be featured on my blog for sure!) It has the same message as your blog Id love it if you would feature my blog on your blogroll.

    PS- Olives rock!!!!

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