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Asparagus Wraps

I love asparagus.

Japan and Raw Radiation Prevention

The events in Japan are just horrific.  Awful.  Terrible.  Sad.  Heartbreaking. Scary.  There is nothing I can possibly say that hasn’t already been said.  From all the reports I’ve read and stories that I’ve heard, the people in Japan have gone above and beyond exceptional.  I haven’t heard any stories of crime or looting.  No one hurting each other.  Everyone seems to have banded together to help one another. I read a story today about the 50 people who stayed behind at the plant in Japan to keep cooling down the lines with seawater.  They know the radiation risk they

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Natural Products Expo West 2011

This past week and weekend I attended Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA at the Convention Center.  There were thousands of exhibitors showing and sampling their food, food products, supplements, probiotics, pet foods, etc.  Three thousand plus booths to be exact.  Everyone had a bar, a cookie, a protein powder, – their own ingredient, their own way of doing it, their own way of making it.  It was exciting to see the organic and natural products section – and that section takes up half of the expo!  I was there in a professional capacity for work, so I wasn’t

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Raw Is Sexy Soirée Photos

If you didn’t make it to the Raw Is Sexy Soirée, this is what you missed… Raw Sexy Nuts ~Raw Sexy Friends~ A Raw Cup of Heat Rawgasmic Ravioli ~ Raw Sexy Friends ~ I Just Had Mex Raw Island Wraps ~ Raw Sexy Friends ~ Raw Sexy Dips ~Raw Sexy Friends~ Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake (did I mention there was chocolate cake?!?!???) Banana Cream Delight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to have a Raw Is Sexy Soirée at YOUR house with YOUR Raw Sexy Friends?   Contact Me!  I have a fabulous selection of menus and packages to choose from.   I am available

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Raw Sexy Soirées Hit San Diego

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am offering Raw Sexy Soirées in San Diego!  My La Jolla friends, some new, and one old (well, he isn’t old, but he’s the only one I knew before I arrived here), came together to find out what all the fuss was about.  I created a fun playful menu, full of healthy raw foods and simple recipes.  By the end of the evening, tummies were full, empty plates stacked towards the heavens, and everyone had smiles…(probably raw chocolate cake smiles…or was it the banana ice cream smiles?) but nonetheless…smiles 🙂   I received

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