Japan and Raw Radiation Prevention

The events in Japan are just horrific.  Awful.  Terrible.  Sad.  Heartbreaking. Scary.  There is nothing I can possibly say that hasn’t already been said.  From all the reports I’ve read and stories that I’ve heard, the people in Japan have gone above and beyond exceptional.  I haven’t heard any stories of crime or looting.  No one hurting each other.  Everyone seems to have banded together to help one another.

I read a story today about the 50 people who stayed behind at the plant in Japan to keep cooling down the lines with seawater.  They know the radiation risk they are taking.  They know the damage it’s going to cause them by still exposing themselves to it.  But they’re sacrificing themselves to prevent a disaster that would be so huge, I don’t even want to imagine it.

It seems like mother nature is on a roll lately.  The destructive earthquake in NZ.  The earthquake in Japan.  The tsunami warnings and aftershock warnings that came after.  And now a country struggling to cool down these plants so that a meltdown doesn’t occur.

If there is one thing I’ve taken from all of this sadness and loss of life in the midst of these tragic events, it’s HOPE.

When I see the people of Japan behaving with such a high regard, honor and respect for one another, even at their most downtrodden of times, I have hope.  Hope for a kinder world.  A more peaceful world.  A world where everyone really DOES love their neighbor as themselves.  A world where that golden rule is in practice.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Not just in the best of times when you are in a happy mood, but in the worst of times, when everything you have is gone and lost forever…including loved ones.  Even then…to treat each other with such love, I find myself filled with tears of hope.  Tears of gratitude.  We are all the same.  At the end of the day, no matter what country we live in or where we are from, we all want to be loved, respected and treated with kindness.  

Think of the person you have unconditional love for.  Your family, your best friends, your child, your partner, your Mom, whoever it is, think of that person.  Feel that love that you have for them.  Now think of everyone else in the world, and turn that love towards them.   If we could all do that…even just SOME of the time, think of what an amazing world this would be to live in.   Clearly, by the love everyone in Japan is showing one another at this frightening and devastating time, we DO live in that world.  The one where everyone can treat everyone else with love, respect, kindness…we DO live in that world!   So let’s take something from this if we can, and keep paying that forward.


Here in California we see reports about minimal amounts of radiation coming our way for now – about the amount you would receive if you were to have a single x-ray done.

But, let’s talk worst case scenario – what would we do on the West Coast if there was a plant meltdown in Japan?    What if I wake up on Monday and there is a giant radiation plume cloud outside my window?

Luckily, the answers ARE in mother nature.  Iodine, which seems to be flying off the shelves, basically prevents radiation from building up in your thyroid.   Iodine absorbs radiation.  I read a lot of studies today and research, and talked to my boss (who happens to be a bit of a Guru in the natural nutrition world) and I want to put this information out there for everyone else.

I am not a doctor, so if you follow any of this it’s because you are choosing to do so on your own.  I am posting many links at the bottom of this post that you can read for yourself.  I don’t want a lawsuit for telling people to eat more seaweed.

But yes, eat more seaweed. 🙂

Sea veggies like kelp, seaweed, nori, dulse, miso soup, algae, E3Live all contain natural levels of iodine in them.   For West Coasters – it’s good for us to get a decent natural level of iodine in our systems now – FROM FOOD.  Not from chugging iodine.  Iodine is a poison and could kill you if you took too much of it.

So when would we need iodine?  Or potassium iodide?  Well, if I wake up Monday and see an atomic cloud of radiation over my apartment, I’ll be taking some iodine.  But that’s an extreme worst case scenario example.

Right now, I would urge everyone to just stick to sea vegetables.  Go out for sushi and order a seaweed salad and miso soup.  Get some veggie rolls wrapped in nori.  Buy some E3Live (www.e3live.com)  and take a spoonful a day.  Make a smoothie with spirulina, dulse, kelp, spinach and then add a banana and some berries to make it taste yummy.   

The best way to get natural iodine into your system, is through natural foods.  Here in Cali we have not yet been exposed to any massive amount of radiation.  So we don’t need to be taking iodine right now.  People have cleared the shelves of it at whole foods and that worries me that there are people out there in Cali taking iodine right now – it’s toxic to your system!  Unless we are confronted with massive radiation, I really hope no one is home chugging iodine.  One recommended dose of iodine a day protects you for 24 hours.  It’s not something to take with reckless abandon and certainly we do not need to take it just yet, so I want to caution everyone and try to calm people down about taking action like that in Cali or on the West Coast of the USA right now.  

As a preventative measure, just stock up on your sea veggies.  Eat more seaweed, miso soup, kelp, dulse, algae – those live plants in the ocean are powerful and will safely and naturally give you a level of protection that is good enough for right now.

Here are links to a lot of things I’ve read today – feel free to read and share with others.

Hope this is helpful.






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  1. Thanks for this post and your positivity… and I’m glad I love seaweed 😀

  2. AWESOME post, Lauren!!! I am with you on this topic! Very well stated. I am in the process of moving back to California and am not worried about the radiation “scare.” I was also hypothyroid up until I changed my diet to raw. Consuming lots of sea veggies, avocado and coconut has regulated my thyroid. No more meds for me! 🙂 Diggin’ your blog…keep up the great work!

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