Bean-Nana Pasta

This dish is mostly raw, and all vegan! You can prepare this in just 5 minutes.

Bananas and Pasta? Oh yes.  When it’s spiralized zucchini “pasta” – you betcha!

Take basic Italian to the tropics and switch things up with this sweet and filling meal!

I spiralized some zucchini into pasta-like strands using my favorite Spiral Slicer (you can get one HERE

I added some agave, a banana, and diced green beans/string beans to a pan and heated on the stove for a few minutes.

I poured the Bean-Nana mixture on top of the spiralized zucchini, and mixed it together.


SUPER YUM.  If Yum wore a cape and flew around with an S on it’s chest, it would look like this.

Just enough sweetness and plenty of veggie rawkin’ goodness.

Quick, simple and fresh.  I got a lot of “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs!” from my friends, but the rest I’m eating for breakfast.  Yup.  You heard me. 🙂

Stay Raw and Sexy!

Lovely comments!

  1. That looks absolutely awesome! (and as always, I’m sure tastes ridiculously good) Could you do me a favor and strap it to a rocket, and then fire it towards the East Coast in the next hour?
    I’ll just catch it with my face as I’m leaving the gym.

    That would be super, thanks.

  2. Mmm… love your creativity!! Every one of your recipes I’ve made has been so delicious – I am sure that this is yumtastic like the rest! Seems like a great idea to get me in more of that island mood for my upcoming trip to Maui (not to mention lookin’ hot in my bikini)! 🙂

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