Coconut Oil for Sexy Skincare

Spring is here and Summer is steadily approaching!  The shelves are lined with skin care products, sunscreens, lotions, potions and bottles promising magical this and that.  It scares me to think of people covering their bodies in these creams and lotions when they aren’t reading the ingredients on the label.

Whatever you put on your skin, goes into your body.  It goes into your cells and into your blood.  I wrote a previous post addressing that here:   If You Wouldn’t Eat It, Don’t Put It On Your Skin                          
So check it out!

A great guideline to use when choosing a skin product is to ask yourself, would I eat this?  Can I eat this?  If the answer is no, then I would caution you not to put it on your skin.  Now there are many natural organic product lines out there that do contain a limited number of chemicals, and that is a better alternative than your standard conventional chemical filled lotion or moisturizer (even though you wouldn’t eat either one of them).   

But if you want to elevate your nutrition and skin care to the top level, most natural, most beautiful, most harmless, chemical free, good for you bliss in a bottle, then you need not look any further than mother nature.

Organic Coconut Oil is my personal favorite.  I put it on my skin after I get out of the shower.  Not only do I smell like the beach, but it tastes good too.  It is incredibly hydrating, smooth and moisturizing.  It is also great for your hair.  After I towel dry my hair, I often take just a dab of coconut oil (a little goes quite a long way – trust me) and rub my hands together so that the heat from my hands melts it into a liquid, and run my hands through my hair, then comb it through.  If you have very fine hair, this could make your hair feel oily if you use to much, so start out with just a dab (half the size of a dime is all you really need).

Another great reason to go with Organic Coconut oil is SEXY TIME.  What lovely raw sexy lady wants her boyfriend licking, kissing, or ingesting chemicals?  Not I.  Think about before you go out on date night and you are covering yourself in that chemical filled lotion that is going on your skin and into your body.  Then later that evening, you have raw sexy time with your sexy loved one, and he inadvertently ends up kissing this chemical filled lotion off of you.  Yuck.    With Coconut Oil, you don’t have to worry about chemicals.  It’s edible.  You can use it in cooking, or raw-un-cooking, you can use it as a lotion, you can use it as a hair moisturizer, and you can use it as edible massage oil.    I have heard some people say, oh my gosh, it’s 12 to 15 dollars for a jar/container of organic coconut oil!  But I am being extremely honest when I say a little goes a long way.  That 12 to 15 dollar jar will last you MONTHS.   I think I’ve only purchased three of them in the past 2 years and I use it all the time. 

This is the one I buy – it’s so amazing.   

It stays as a solid in the jar at room temperature, so just scoop a little out with your finger and rub it between your palms to turn it into a liquid.  If it’s hot in the room, the oil will turn to a liquid in the jar, so move it to a cooler place if you want it to firm  up more.

When I was at Natural Products Expo West recently, I spoke to the rawsome people at the Nutiva Booth in the Fresh Ideas tent.  I told them that I loved their products and that I use it as a moisturizer.  They seemed very happy to hear that and showed me their newest product which is raw coconut manna.  It’s basically the entire coconut in a jar – coconut flesh and all.  The coconut oil is just that, but this coconut manna… holy moly!  The taste was incredible.  Basically compressing an entire coconut into a jar in a smoother than honey consistency, wow.  I cannot wait to pick some up (and no, they are not paying me to write this – any products I ever talk about are purely because I love them and use them personally) and use this in a smoothie!  I think it would also be great for making sauces, dressings, frostings, etc.

You can check out more benefits of Coconut Oil here:

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Why would you spend the time and effort to work out, eat whole foods, maintain a high raw lifestyle, but then cover your body in chemicals?

I firmly believe that everything we need can be found in nature.  I don’t think God short-changed us when he created the plants and veggies and herbs and seeds and fruits and everything else for our nourishment.  

Look at all the great natural oils we have!  Coconut oil, Olive oil, Aloe, Oils from seeds and nuts, Medicinal Honeys from plants like Manuka, – it’s all there out in nature, waiting for us to use it.   

The only magic lotion or oil that exists, is found in nature.  So next time you go shopping for a lotion, pause and take a peek in your kitchen.  You might already have a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil (great for skin and hair too!)  You might already have organic extra virgin coconut oil.  

Not only will you smell great, have smooth beautiful skin, and feel relaxed from the natural aroma, but you will have the peace of mind from knowing that what you just put on your skin, is not going to cause you to become ill one day.  You aren’t filling your body with chemicals.  You are filling your body and your soul with goodness and feeling completely natural AND SEXY at the same time… well, there’s nothing better.  

Okay…maybe there is one thing that’s better 😉   

Go get your coconut oil on and have a sexy Saturday (wink wink)


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  1. this stuff works wonders – esp at the beach!!! 🙂

  2. Heck YES!

  3. Another fabulous one that has a pour spout so you don’t have to dig it out….Organic Figi coconut oil!! I am blogging about this one soon! oxox

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