Raw Is Sexy Soirée Photos

If you didn’t make it to the Raw Is Sexy Soirée, this is what you missed…

Raw Sexy Nuts

~Raw Sexy Friends~

A Raw Cup of Heat

Rawgasmic Ravioli

~ Raw Sexy Friends ~

I Just Had Mex
Raw Island Wraps

~ Raw Sexy Friends ~

Raw Sexy Dips

~Raw Sexy Friends~

Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake

(did I mention there was chocolate cake?!?!???)

Banana Cream Delight


Want to have a Raw Is Sexy Soirée at YOUR house with YOUR Raw Sexy Friends?  
Contact Me! 
I have a fabulous selection of menus and packages to choose from.  
I am available to help you throw your raw cocktail party in the San Diego & LA Area
Send me an email:  lauren@rawissexy.com

Live in Southern Cali and interested in Raw Food Creating Classes?  Raw Is Sexy will be posting a series of classes soon, so stay tuned.

Raw Is Sexy Soirée Photography By Nicholas Gallucci 

Lovely comments!

  1. I would love to have you throw a Raw Is Sexy Soiree here in Orange County! I think it will be an awesome way to show my non-veg friends how yummy AND sexy raw food can be, and my veg friends will love it too! Let’s figure out a date!

  2. Thanks, Allison! I would love to! Please send me an email at lauren@rawissexy.com and I will send you menu options (which we can customize) etc. 🙂

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